Brookhaven College

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Brookhaven College Cabinets and Committees

Portrait of Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D.

Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D.

Cabinets and committees are grouped according to purpose and scope.

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President’s Cabinet  |  Thom Chesney, chair

Advises president on major issues impacting the college.

Extended President’s Cabinet  |  Thom Chesney, chair

Provides advice and counsel on major college issues, providing recommendations on decisions and directions.

College Planning & Budget Committee  |  Thom Chesney and George Herring, co-chairs

Functions as a strategic planning group recommending to the college president financial plans and strategies that advance the college mission, are used to form the annual budget and strengthen the college's financial position.


Art Advisory Committee  |  Cynthia Mills, chair

Guides the development of the permanent collection, accepts or rejects donations and purchases for the collection, recommends sites for installation of art work, approves requests for external funding, and improves storing and deaccessioning art work.

Bookstore Advisory Committee  |  Dawn Bishop, chair

Provides an opportunity to communicate bookstore issues and receive feedback in a group setting with representatives from administration, faculty, staff, students and contracted bookstore staff.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee  |  Delryn Fleming, Rodger Bennett, Michael Dennehy and Mark Skorick, co-chairs

Leads the college in designing, implementing and reporting assessment measures for the educational objectives of courses within the Core Curriculum.

Curriculum Committee  |  Andrea Chaney and Charles Cadenhead, co-chairs

Has the responsibility to review proposed curriculum revisions submitted by district curriculum committees that impact courses and programs offered by the college.

Distance Learning Planning Committee  |  Sam Govea, chair

Develops and implements a distance learning plan for the college and evaluates current strategies for recruitment, training and course development.

Early College High School Advisory Team  | Marilyn Lynch, chair

Considers and recommends actions Brookhaven College might take to ensure smooth transition of ECHS students from primarily taking high school classes to taking primarily college classes.

Enrollment Management Committee  |  Rodger Bennett and Oscar Lopez, co-chairs

Examines internal and external practices, explores data and develops an enrollment management plan for the college.

Food Service Advisory Committee  |  Dawn Bishop, chair

Communicates food service and vending issues in a group setting with representation from administration, faculty members, staff, students and contracted food service staff.

Fund 12 Budget Committee  |  Oscar Lopez, chair

Reviews budgets pertaining to use of student services funds and to advise college personnel on their use.

The Green Team  |  Tommy Gallegos and Carrie Schweitzer, co-chairs

Plans activities and recommends processes that support the mission. to work and learn "green" at Brookhaven College means to create a community in which we incorporate the three R's - reduce, reuse, recycle - into our daily lives.

Program Improvement Committee  |  Ray Attner, chair

Researches, compiles, reviews and designs a program improvement process to recommend to the vice president of academic affairs and student services for selection and limited implementation in fall 2010. Reviews date, input and comments from first year implementation (2010-11) and makes appropriate improvements and changes in order to implement process fully in 2011-12.

Quality Enhancement Plan Team  |  Haven Abedin and Ahad Hayaud-Din, co-chairs

Recommends a Quality Enhancement Plan for the college for approval by SACS.

SACS Compliance Report Team  |  Sharon Burton and Thomas Anderson, co-chairs

70+ individuals; for complete list see Groupwise 2SACSCOMP

SACS Subcommittee on Faculty Credentials  |  Ray Attner, chair

Reviews faculty credentials to meet SACS criteria.

Refund Petition Committee  |  Annette Wilson, chair

Processes student requests for full refund of tuition after they have dropped courses.

Safety and Loss Prevention  |  Mark Lopez, chair

Reviews campus and community issues related to environmental, health, safety and risk, and makes appropriate recommendations for corrective or preventive actions to the President's Cabinet.

Southern Sector Service Area Committee  |  Marilyn Lynch, chair

Develops and implements strategies to increase Brookhaven College presence and partnerships in our Southern service area, with particular focus on increasing Brookhaven College enrollment of Thomas Jefferson High School students.

Strategic Space Planning Committee  |  Sarah Ferguson and Faculty Member, co-chairs

Considers short- and long-term space needs of the college and makes recommendations to the Presidents' Cabinet.

Technology Team  |  Mike Deason, chair

Aids in the development and maintenance of an on-going technology plan that could be incorporated as part of the college strategic planning process and to evaluate and communicate emerging technologies to the college community.


All-College Service Projects Committee  |  Nelda Contreras and Carrie Schweitzer, co-chairs

Solicits and considers requests for college support from outside agencies, garnering campuswide support of and engagement in projects.

Awards & Recognition Committee  |  Carrie Schweitzer, chair

Contributes to planning and presenting annual awards and recognition events at Brookhaven College.

Commencement Committee  |  Oscar Lopez, chair

Responsible for the planning/orchestration of the annual Brookhaven College graduation.

Holiday Committee  |  Sarah Graifemberg, chair

Plans and presents a December luncheon to celebrate winter holidays.

State Employee Charitable Campaign  |  Dawn Bishop, chair

Coordinates State Employees Charitable Campaign at Brookhaven College to reach DCCCD goals

Employee Groups

Administrators Council  |  Ann Coder, primary representative

Faculty Council  |  Lisa Ehrich, president