Brookhaven College

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Brookhaven College: A Glance Back in Time


In 1978, Brookhaven College had 3,503 credit students registered on the sixth day, recording date. In the spring of 2008, Brookhaven College had more than 10,500 students registered. Even as early as the college's 10th anniversary, the enrollment figures eclipsed the original 10-year goal for the college by 13 percent, with more than 7,900 students enrolled in credit courses.

Looking back at some of the early records for the college, the enrollment breakdown for the student population also was very different. In 1988, African-American, Hispanic and Asian students combined to represent less than a quarter of the total number of students. Currently, these groups represent more than half of the total student population at the college and are expected to continue to grow.

Those new to campus may not be aware of the history of the college’s windmill symbol. When Brookhaven College opened in 1978, students and staff were anticipating the installation of a 128-foot windmill in the Commons Courtyard. The windmill was partially installed, but was plagued by a series of problems and eventually taken down since it was never able to generate the power required by the city of Farmers Branch.
Today, the windmill can still be seen in the college logo and a sculpture installed in front of the Student Services Center in more recent years.

Valley View Lane was a two-lane tar road, with no stoplights or stop signs when the college opened. Though the traffic that travels this street now may not be a traditional "success," there is no doubt the six-lane road represents progress. The college has expanded beyond the 193-acre main campus site to offer courses at off-campus locations, as well as in cyberspace through our many distance learning offerings.

At the first graduation ceremonies in 1978, only 13 students participated. To date the college has graduated thousands of students with associate degrees and thousands more have received certificates from various technical or occupational programs.

As you walk through campus today, take some time to look around and reflect on our progress. Look at the high-tech computers and learning laboratories that help power student learning. Celebrate the different faces of our diverse student body and our faculty. Hear the different languages spoken throughout the campus. Reflect on the thousands of students who got their start where you walk today and know that you too can achieve your dreams at Brookhaven College.