Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College


I. ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Operational Memoranda Process I–A BE
II. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Statement of Purpose II–A AA,AD
B. Computing II–B AD,CF,CR
C. Computer Use Policy II–C CR
III. ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Organizational Chart III–A *
IV. PERSONNEL SERVICES Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Non-smoking and Designated Smoking Areas IV–A DO,GF
B. New/Replacement Full-Time Faculty Positions IV–B DC
C. Faculty Credentials, Credentials from Foreign Institutions IV–C DBA,DC
D. Faculty Recruiting and Hiring Practices IV–D DAA,DBA,DBB,DBE,DC,DI,DN
E. Teaching Faculty - Primary Language Not English IV–E DC,DBA,DI,DK,DN
F. Hiring - Full-Time Professional Support Staff IV–F DAA,DC
G. Full-Time Faculty Workload, Office Hours IV–G DJ,Dist HR
H. Additional Faculty Employment/Academic Pursuits IV–H DEA,DJ,DK,Dist HR
I. Time Sheet IV–I DEA,DMC
J. Salary Advancement IV–J DEA,Dist HR
K. Employee Wellness Program IV–K DE
L. Class Auditing - Employees IV–L DE,DEB
M. Leave Forms and Attendance Reports IV–M DEC
N. Leave: Extenuating Circumstances IV–N DEC
O. Developmental Leave IV–O DEC,DK
P. Sabbatical Leave IV–P DEC
Q. Inclement Weather IV–Q CGC
R. Full-Time Employee Termination IV–R DM
S. Posting Materials IV–S AD,GF
T. Timely Submission of Extra-Service Contracts IV–T DDA,DJ,Dist HR
U. Faculty Workload Contracts IV–U DD,DDA,DJ
V. EDUCATION AND INSTRUCTION Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Academic Freedom V–A AD
B. Academic Integrity V–B FLB,FM,FMA
C. Cancellation of Low Enrollment Classes V–C EFAB
D. Course Syllabus V–D EFA
E. Class Attendance V–E EI,FBC,FLD
F. Attendance Documentation V–F EGA,FBC
G. Grade Rolls V–G ECC,EGA,FBC,FJ
H. Guest Lecturers or Speakers V–H AD,ED
I. International Study, Field Courses V–I ED
J. Field Trips V–J ED
K. Reporting Substantive Change V–K EBB (LEGAL)
VI. STUDENT SERVICES/ACTIVITIES Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Registration VI–A FBA
B. Degree Plans–Course Substitutions/Equivalency VI–B EFB,EGA,FBA
C. Signs or Posters Display VI–C FKA,FKC,GFA
D. Placement/Removal of Library Block VI–D EDAA,FMA,FN
E. Free Speech/Expression VI–E FLB,FLBH,GFA
F. Distribution of Literature/Public Demonstration VI–F AD,FI,FKA,FLB,GB,GF
G. Re-admission Following Academic Suspension VI–G EGA,FMA
H. Grade Appeals VI–H EGA,FLD
I. Student Publications VI–I FKA
J. Students' Role in Decision Making VI–J BAA,BBE
K. Student Complaints VI–K FLD
VII. BUSINESS SERVICES Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Facilities Allocation VII–A  
B. Facilities Modification VII–B CL,CM,CHB,CF,CP
C. Protection of Nature Area VII–C CH
D. Art Work on Temporary Loan VII–D AD,CF
E. External Funding VII–E CAB,CAM
F. Long Distance Telephone Call Charges VII–F CF
G. Use of College Materials VII–G CI,DH
H. DCCCD Foundation Grants VII–H BAA,CAC,CAM,FF
I. Commemorative Trees VII–I CAM
J. DCCCD Copyright Policy VII–J CR,DBD
K. Publication Procedures VII–K  
L. Purchase of ENERGY STAR Certified Products VII–L CAM, CF
VIII. COLLEGE OPERATIONS Memoranda Number District Reference
A. Safety and Security VIII–A CG,CHA,DH
B. Physical Education Lockers VIII–B CHA
C. Key Control System VIII–C CHA
D. Animals on Campus VIII–D BE,CHA
E. Incident Response Plan VIII–E CHA,CGC
F. Physical Education Vehicles VIII–F CHC
G. Concurrent Jurisdiction with Farmers Branch Police VIII–G CHA,GFA,GG
H. Emergency Telephone VIII–H CGC,CHA
I. Use of Deadly Force on Campus VIII–I CHA,GFA
J. Unauthorized Demonstrations/Disruptive Activity VIII–J AD,CHA,GFA
K. Lost and Found Property VIII–K CHA,CIB
L. Campus Parking/Driving Regulations VIII–L CG,CHA,CHC
M. Handicapped Parking Permits VIII–M CHC
N. Hazardous Materials Management VIII–N CHA,CHC,DO,GF
O. Blood-born Pathogens Exposure VIII–O DO