Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: AA, AD No.II - B
Subject: Computing

Brookhaven College supports the use of computing technology and the provision of adequate computer resources and services to further the goals of the institution in those ways to the extent that economic prudence and good judgment allows.

The purpose of computing at Brookhaven College is to support the education and training of its students and employees in order to improve student success and services. This priority is accomplished by providing an infrastructure that supports state-of-the-art computing. This infrastructure includes resources for implementation, training of users, maintenance of existing resources, and exploration of emerging technologies.

In support of the above, Brookhaven College is committed to:

  1. Making decisions that enhance the educational process, thus contributing to student success;
  2. Optimizing resources both with regard to cost and performance;
  3. Determining standards for computer purchases;
  4. Purchasing hardware and software that is standardized and compatible whenever possible;
  5. Providing an on-going and comprehensive technology training program for staff;
  6. Making decisions regarding the selection of technology that are based on internal and external expertise, as well as broad based input from college staff, students, business and industry;
  7. Consulting with the Brookhaven College Information Technology Planning Committee, appointed by the President, which serves as an advisory body to the President to ensure that the computing purpose is carried out as described herein.

The committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Assessing the level of satisfaction with existing systems and available technology, soliciting suggestions for areas of needed improvement and suggesting ways in which users can improve their effectiveness in using technology;
  2. Reviewing and prioritizing needs for instructional and operational computing;
  3. Researching new technology to enhance instructional and administrative operations;
  4. Making recommendations regarding resource allocation and distribution;
  5. Supporting staff development opportunities, including hands-on technology training;
  6. Recommending changes to technology policies and practices;
  7. Supporting a periodic evaluation process.
Computer Resources and Services