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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: CR No.II - C
Subject: Computer Use Policy

All Brookhaven employees must comply with the District’s Computer Use Policy found in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual, section CR. Failure to comply with this policy may result in restriction or revocation of access to District computing resources and facilities or disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Employees must contact Brookhaven’s Information Technology Support Center or the Executive Dean of Information Technology to arrange for consultation prior to the installation of any additional hardware or software on District-owned computing resources.

Employees must comply with the District Purchasing Department policy to obtain approval by Brookhaven’s Information Technology Support Center or the Executive Dean of Information Technology prior to submitting requisitions or requests for purchases of all computers and computer-related equipment, including software.

Copies of all license agreements for all software programs that reside on District-owned computing resources must be on file in the Computer Support Center prior to installation. The BHC Information Technology department will be responsible for the collection of campus software licensing documentation.

Computer Use Policy

The following computer use guidelines should be followed by employees:

  1. College computer resources are to be used for college-related business.
  2. Change the account’s password frequently.
  3. Do not post the account number anywhere in view or share the password or account numbers with others.
  4. Do not give the account number or password to anyone over the telephone, including those who represent themselves as computer staff or computer services. Report any attempts to do so to the Executive Dean of Information Technology.
  5. Protect the security of information that is obtained as a direct result of having an account number. Adhere to the DCCCD rules regarding the confidentiality of records. Never violate the confidentiality of records by sharing with others.
  6. Dispose of hard copies of confidential information in a security-conscious manner.
  7. Any student information is for employee’s use/eyes only.
  8. Verify student identification (preferably picture identification) before releasing any information to that student. Do not give any personal student information over the phone. Requests for student information from anyone other than the student must be referred to the Registrar’s office.
  9. All requests for contacting a student while on campus should be referred to the College Police. Do not give a student’s schedule to anyone, regardless of the nature of the situation. Refer all such requests to the College Police.
  10. Users should not assume that the contents of their email, voice mail, Internet usage, or desktop computers are completely private and confidential.
Computer Use Guidelines