Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DBA,DC No.IV - C
Subject: Faculty Credentials, Credentials from Foreign Institutions

The credentials of all faculty that are hired must meet or exceed the minimum criteria established by SACS.

  1. SACS minimum criteria:
    1. Teaching Transfer Courses: a Master’s Degree and 18 graduate hours in the field;
    2. Teaching Tech/Occ Courses: An Associate Degree in the field and three (3) years of direct or related work experience;
    3. Teaching Developmental Courses: Bachelor’s Degree in a related discipline and classroom experience or graduate training.
  2. Official transcripts must be kept in the faculty’s personnel file in Human Resources.
  3. Appropriate dean and faculty member complete the Faculty Credential Inventory form.
  4. Any exceptions to the criteria in 1 (above), such as an individual’s “outstanding professional experience and demonstrated contributions to the teaching discipline,” (see Criteria for Accreditation, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, modified December 1997) must be reviewed and approved by the college review committee (Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success workgroup).
Credentials for Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty
  1. A faculty member with degrees from a foreign institution is considered qualified to teach if:
    1. The highest degree held in relationship to the subject area to be taught is from a U.S. accredited university (as published in the AACROA guide):
    2. Official transcripts are obtained for the highest degree as well as other degrees.
  2. For a faculty member whose highest degree in the subject area to be taught is from a foreign university (not U.S. accredited), the faculty member must furnish an official transcript which has been translated and evaluated by an agency approved by the district. It must be proven that the degrees and qualifications are equivalent to SACS minimum criteria items 1A, B or C above. Items 2, 3 and, if appropriate, 4, are also applicable.
Credentials From Foreign Institutions