Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DAA,DC No.IV - F
Subject: Hiring - Full-Time Professional Support Staff

Brookhaven College is an equal opportunity employer and educator. It is the policy of the College to promote equal employment opportunities through a positive continuing program of practices designed to insure the full realization of equal employment opportunities without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, veterans status, sexual orientation or genetic information. The College will not tolerate discrimination. The College supports and complies with all District, Federal, and State laws barring discrimination.

Equal Opportunity Employment Statement

In keeping with the goals of obtaining the best qualified individuals for each job, the College adheres to the following hiring process.

  1. The hiring supervisor reviews the job description for the vacant position. A copy of the job description may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The hiring supervisor completes a Notice of Vacancy (NOV) form and forwards the NOV to the Vice President for approval. The vacating employee’s letter of resignation is attached to NOV form (if applicable).
  3. The Vice President forwards the approved NOV to the Vice President of Business Services for review and approval.
  4. The Vice President of Business Services forwards the NOV to the President for approval.
  5. The President’s Office forwards the approved NOV to Human Resources or returns unapproved NOV to the responsible Vice President.
  6. Upon completion, the Office of Human Resources reviews and approves the NOV for accuracy and forwards the NOV to the District Office for the advertising process. Human Resources will be the contact office for information on all full-time vacancies.
  7. Human Resources receives completed applications for all full-time positions.
  8. Human resources reviews submitted applications for minimum qualifications and determines the qualified applicant pool.
  9. Human Resources will forward the applications of qualified candidates to the hiring supervisor or search committee chair.
  10. The hiring supervisor or search committee reviews the applications and determines who is invited for an interview.
  11. The hiring supervisor or search committee chair will submit the list of interview questions to Human Resources prior to the first interview.
  12. All skills tests, i.e., typing, are administered by Human Resources prior to the interview of the candidate. The hiring supervisor contacts Human Resources to arrange testing appointments. Test results are sent to the hiring supervisor.
  13. During the interview process, the hiring supervisor will maintain a log of candidates to include the following:
    1. name;
    2. date and time of interview;
    3. cancellations/no-shows;
    4. withdrawals
  14. Once the best qualified candidate is chosen, the hiring supervisor obtains three (3) work references for the applicant who is being considered for hire.
  15. After work references are obtained by the hiring supervisor, the hiring supervisor returns all original applications, interview notes and the completed employment roster to the Human Resources Office.
  16. Human Resources submits the Division’s hiring recommendation to the responsible Vice President and President for review and approval.
  17. If approval is obtained from the responsible Vice President and the President, Human Resources will contact the hiring supervisor to extend the offer of employment and establish a mutually agreeable start date.
  18. If the selected candidate declines the offer of employment, the hiring supervisor may return to the qualified pool to review and recommend an alternate candidate. If the hiring supervisor is unable to recommend a second candidate, the position may be re-advertised.
Professional Support Staff Hiring Process