Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DEA,DJ,DK,Dist HR No.IV - H
Subject: Additional Faculty Employment/Academic Pursuits

Faculty members may be given the opportunity to teach above their regular teaching load during long semesters. An extra service contract may be granted to a faculty member for a non-teaching assignment such as developing a new course, directing a special project, supervision of adjunct faculty or serving as lead instructor. Assignments are discussed and negotiated in advance of the semester with the division dean. Compensation is based on the current policies in effect at the time the contract is worked.

Overload Assignments

Full-time faculty may enroll in a maximum of six (6) semester hours during a long-term semester (see section above for exceptions).

Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollment

See Board of Trustees Policy DEA (LOCAL) for restrictions on number of credit hours acceptable in a given semester.

Academic Credits for Salary Reclassification

Work completed by faculty in classes (on or off campus) during normal work hours (outside the 30-hour workweek) will not be eligible for either academic or non-academic salary credit. Under exceptional circumstances, faculty can obtain permission to redefine their normal work hours with approval of the appropriate division dean, Vice President and President.

Classes During Normal Work Hours