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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DEA,DMC No.IV - I
Subject: Time-Sheet

In processing payroll for hourly (non-exempt) employees, it is essential that time sheets are completed accurately and submitted in the required time frame.

The following information and procedures are listed in detail for the purpose of enhancing the accuracy of time sheet completion. Any further questions regarding time sheet procedures should be directed to campus payroll.

  1. Time sheets for hourly employees (non-exempt) are submitted to Human Resources in accordance with the monthly payroll calendar. This calendar is normally routed by Human Resources to the division offices the last week of each month. Copies of all time sheets should be maintained in the appropriate division office. No other copy is retained on campus.
  2. Return blank time sheets to Human Resources for employees who are unknown to you. Mark through any time sheet that is no longer valid and return it to Human Resources.
  3. Time sheets received in Human Resources after the designated cut-off date are considered late and may not be processed until the next monthly pay period.
  4. All time sheets are to be completed in ink. Any changes must be initialed by the employee and supervisor. Daily hours must indicate:
    1. beginning time;
    2. time employee ceased for lunch;
    3. total hours worked;
    4. beginning time after lunch;
    5. time employee ceased work for the day;
    6. total hours worked.
    Totals are reported in quarters.
  5. Work period total is entered on the computer information line as well as the total hours worked this pay period.
  6. Employees must sign and date the time sheet and submit to their supervisor for approval on the last day worked for the pay period.
  7. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing the time sheets for accuracy and completeness.
    1. An employee working on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, must provide a statement of explanation initialed by the supervisor on the time sheet.
    2. An hourly employee working more hours per week than his/her regular work schedule must provide an explanation signed by the supervisor included with or attached to the time sheet.
    3. A meal break of at least 30 minutes in duration must be reflected on the time sheet daily for a non-exempt employee who works five or more consecutive hours.
    4. Anytime a non-exempt employee works more than five hours without a break, an explanation by the supervisor is required. The explanation must be signed by the supervisor and the employee and may be written on the time sheet or attached to the time sheet.
    5. Any non-exempt employee working more than 37.5 hours per week is entitled to compensatory time or overtime pay (1.5 X hourly rate).

      Compensatory time must be taken in the work period (month) in which it is earned or the work period immediately following the period in which it was earned. If the use of the compensatory time is not feasible within these two work periods, the supervisor must request payment of the overtime. (No exceptions can be made to this policy.)
    6. An approved Overtime Request form is required for overtime that will be paid and not exchanged for compensatory time prior to the overtime is being worked.
    7. Hourly employees are paid only for hours actually worked.
    8. Time sheets must reflect week-ending dates.
  8. Time sheets for full-time, non-exempt employees must be submitted at the end of the month.
Time Sheet Procedures

All time sheet procedures/policies referenced above apply to student assistant time sheets along with the following procedures:

  1. Student assistant time sheets must be turned in at the Financial Aid Office by the designated time line.
  2. Time sheets must include statement by supervisor that all work was satisfactorily completed.
Student Assistant Time Sheet

To request a manual payroll check, the following procedures are required for the check to be issued.

  1. The division will request a manual check approval from the area vice president. The area vice president will call the campus Human Resources office to request a manual check.
  2. Human Resources completes the manual check request and routes the manual check request to the college President for authorization.
  3. Manual pay checks should not be requested and will not be printed due to negligence on the part of the employee or for personal convenience.
Manual Check Request Procedures