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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DE,DEB No.IV - L
Subject: Class Auditing — Employees

Brookhaven College full-time and limited full-time employees and retirees may attend both credit and noncredit classes as observers at no charge for tuition. Both the employee’s supervisor and class instructor must agree on attendance prior to participation. Auditing is contingent upon class space, which availability is determined after paying students have completed registration.

The employee is responsible for all fees, books, and materials.

Class Auditing

No registration form, CEU’s, credit or other records are required for employee participation in a class. Employees may choose to attend classes outside of normal work hours; however, no reduction of regular work hours are allowed for class participation, unless requested by the supervisor and the class is for professional growth (job related skills).

Enrollment in Classes During Work Hours

Under special conditions, personnel may enroll in class during their regular scheduled lunch hour. If the class is to last 1 ½ hours, or any amount exceeding the lunch hour, special approval is required (see below) to adjust work hours.

Although office hour requirements vary according to work demands of each office, generally classes ending before 9 a.m. or beginning after 4 p.m. are better candidates for approval than those offered at other times. In offices open after 4:30 p.m., with the approval of the supervisor, the employee may take a class during the day. Time will be made up by extending the work day after 4:30 p.m.

If a class is approved for auditing during an employee’s lunch or break period, it is understood that the lunch/break period is waived for those periods and is not extended to the employee at another time. No additional compensation will be made to the employee.

Lunch Hour/Break

Changes in work schedules to accommodate class schedules must not interfere with the productivity or work quality of the employee’s office or with the ability of the office to accomplish its mission in an appropriate manner (see section below on “Approval”).

Waiver Change in Work Schedule

With the exception of classes taken at the request of the immediate supervisor (see Board Policy Manual, section DEB) full-time professional support staff are not allowed to work fewer than the required number of working hours to attend college classes – 40 hours for all full-time PSS personnel.

The employee’s immediate supervisor must approve all requests for classes taken by staff during their normal work schedule prior to registration.

Total Work Schedule Hours Approval