Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: DM No.IV - R
Subject: Full-Time Employee Termination

The following procedures outline the responsibilities of the terminating employee, his/her supervisor and Human Resources in the event of an employee termination. This procedure is necessary to insure proper notification and effective final clearance practices for both the employee and the College.

    1. Submit a resignation letter to supervisor two (2) weeks prior to termination date.
    2. To avoid any unnecessary delay in receipt of the final pay check, submit a Leave Request form for any leave that will be taken before the termination date and/or any leave time not previously submitted.
    3. The employee should contact the Human Resources Office to schedule an exit interview on the last day of employment. Employees are required to work on their last day of employment.
    1. Upon Notice of Termination, discuss the termination decision with the employee to identify any problem areas that may have motivated the employee to seek other employment. By doing so, a solution may be found to retain a valued employee in his/her work unit or another location with the District. At a minimum, the supervisor should gain valuable insight regarding the management of his/her work area.
    2. Require a letter of resignation unless it is an involuntary termination.
    3. Begin the Notice of Vacancy process, if applicable.
    4. Forward letter of resignation to campus Human Resources.
    1. Notify college payroll office of all terminations.
    2. Verify receipt of the resignation letter by the President’s office for any contractual employee.
    3. Meet with employee on last day to complete:
      1. Clearance of items on Property Clearance form;
      2. Teacher Retirement Refund Request (if applicable);
      3. Explanation of benefits continuation (COBRA);
      4. Completion of the Exit Interview/Termination form;
      5. Arrangements for receipt of final pay check and/or vacation payoff check.