Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CHA No.VIII - C
Subject: Key Control, Access Card System and ID Badges
  1. Key requests must first be approved by the appropriate Division Dean and/or Director and then submitted to the Police Department for processing and issuance of keys and/or Access Card/ID Badge.
  2. Keys may be issued to full-time faculty, administrators, staff, and to limited full-time staff, part-time staff and adjunct faculty. Keys will be utilized to control all doors and locks associated with the interior of all campus buildings.
  3. The Electronic Access Card System replaces the need for keys on classroom and lab doors.
  4. All faculty and staff are responsible for keys and/or Access Card/ID Badges issued to them. Faculty and staff members are not permitted to loan or allow unauthorized use of any key or Access Card. Issuance of any key or Access Card on a temporary basis must follow the same approval process through the college police department.
  5. Lost keys will be subject to a replacement fee of $5 each.
  6. Lost Access Cards will be subject to a replacement fee of $10 each.
  7. Any request for replacement keys or Access Card must be accompanied by a receipt from the College Business Office reflecting payment of the replacement fee.
  8. All employees must report the loss of any key and Access Card/ID Badge as soon as the loss is discovered.
  9. Facility keys and Access Cards/ID Badges are the sole property of the College and must be surrendered upon termination from the College. All keys and Access Card/ID Badges must be surrendered to the College Police Department before final clearance from the Human Resources office is complete. Part-time faculty and staff are required to surrender their access card and/or keys to their division office.
  10. Private padlocks are not permitted on any door or storage area containing College-owned equipment (music storage cages, student and faculty/staff gymnasium lockers excluded).
  11. All buildings, classrooms and labs are secured by an Electronic Access Control System, which is used during campus lock downs. The Electronic Access Control System is programmed to unlock and lock all the buildings, classrooms and labs. The purpose of keeping classrooms and labs secure is to safeguard college media equipment and/or computers permanently stored there.
  12. Any request for keys and Access Card/ID Badge not consistent with the policies stated above will be returned for further consideration to the area Vice President.