Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CGC,CHA No.VIII - H
Subject: Emergency Telephones

In an effort to enhance emergency telephone communications from key areas of the campus facility to the Police Department, a telephone “HOT LINE” is available in the following campus buildings.

B200 College Police, outside wall
C202 Box Office Cashier, Performance Hall Lobby
C211 Performance Hall, lobby/backstage
D100 Hallway, School of the Arts
E100 Adjacent to Room E140
Bldg. F Hallway
F103 3 Dimension Lab
H130 EMGI, Bldg. H Lobby
J115 Bldg. J Lobby
K126 Hallway/Lower Level
K224 Hallway/Upper Level
L250 Library Lobby
M123 Hallway/Business Studies Division
P101 Hallway
Q110 Hallway/Automotive Studies Division
S002 Student Services Center, lower east lobby
S200 Student Services Center, upper west lobby
T124 Hallway/P.E. Equipment Room
T200 Across from T204 Temps
W100 Adjacent to Room W105; Adjacent to the restrooms
W200 Adjacent to Room W220; Adjacent to the stairs
X100 Adjacent to Room X1062; Adjacent to Room X1115
X200 Adjacent to Room X2005; Adjacent to Room X2024
X300 Adjacent to Room X3026; Adjacent to Room X3039
Elevators All elevators
Outdoors Outdoor emergency phones are mounted on tall white posts throughout the campus.

Persons in these areas have immediate access to the Police Department by picking up the receiver of the emergency phone.

Non-emergency assistance can be requested in person at the Police Department, B-200, or by telephoning Ext. 4190 or 4191.


  1. Specify the type of emergency;
  2. Indicate the location or area of the emergency;
  3. Name and a phone number where the caller can be reached if any follow-up information is needed.
Usage Inside Campus Buildings Non-Emergency Assistance