Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CHA,CIB No.VIII - K
Subject: Lost and Found Property

The Brookhaven College Police Department serves as the college agent for lost and found property.

Any article that is found on campus should be relinquished to the department as soon as possible, where it is inventoried and recorded for safety and storage purposes.

Property that is discovered missing or lost should also be reported to the department. All property reported as missing is recorded on an Incident Report for aiding return to the owner.

In situations where a parcel, briefcase, wallet or a container is found, the officers on duty will inventory the contents in the presence of the person relinquishing custody to ascertain the presence of possible concealed monies or other valuables. In the event that currency whose owner is not identified is turned over to the department, it will in turn be forwarded to the College Business Office.

If the found property contains a name or there is a Missing Property Card on file that could assist in contacting the owner, the officer on duty will make every effort possible to notify the owner that the department is in custody of the property and it may be claimed at the College Police Department office.

Proof of identity or ownership may be required prior to release of lost or missing property.

Lost and Found Property

All found property is maintained for a period of 60 days from the date found. At the end of 60 days disposal is made by the College Police Department.

All property is surveyed for value. Property deemed of no value is destroyed within the presence of a College Police Department supervisor. All property deemed valuable is sold at a property sale on the campus and all monies derived from the sale are turned over to the Business Office.

The college Police Department custodian of property maintains a record for all missing and found property as well as all the records concerning the disposition of all unclaimed property. This is done in accordance with District policy.

Disposition of Unclaimed Property