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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CG,CHA,CHC No.VIII - L
Subject: Campus Parking/Driving Regulations

It is important that every individual operating an automobile know and obey the parking and driving regulations of the college.

The rules and regulations below are enforced by the College Police Department.

During the first two weeks of each semester, the College Police may cite all vehicles for the following violations with a Warning Citation. Or at the officers’ discretion, they may issue a City of Farmers Branch citation for any moving violations that violate state traffic law or any handicapped parking violations.

  1. Disabled parking is always enforced; no grace period
  2. Fire lane violations
  3. Parking in the restricted area behind all campus buildings
  4. Speeding (speed limit on campus roadways is 20 mph and 10 mph in all parking lots)
  5. Reckless driving
  6. Driving the wrong way in a one-way lane;/li>
  7. Double parking
  8. Improper parking (parking an automobile outside the limits of a parking space)
  9. Parking trailers or boats on campus overnight;
  10. Parking or driving on campus in areas other than those designated for vehicular traffic
  11. Violations of all state statutes regulating vehicular traffic
  12. Parking in reserved areas

After the grace period is over, officers will cite violators with Brookhaven College Paid Citations. These citations are $5 for the first violation and $10 for subsequent citations.

During the first two weeks of each semester, officers may issue a college citation to any vehicle that has multiple violations for the same parking offense and is parked in the same lot where previous violations occurred.

When a citation is issued, a student's records will be checked. If the violator is a Brookhaven College student, an administrative block for parking ticket may be placed on the individual's records. Upon payment of the citation to the Business Office cashier, the administrative block will be removed. If payment of the citation is not made, the student will be unable to apply for and receive a college grade transcript.

All persons requesting information regarding the procedure for appealing a campus paid citation are informed of their right to file a written statement outlining the reasons for appeal. The appeal is directed to the College Safety and Loss Prevention Committee within 10 days of the receipt of the appeal. The person who desires to appeal the citation should contact the Business Office for information about the meeting dates and times of the Safety Committee.

  • Parking vehicles in the following areas may result in towing at the owner's expense:
    1. Loading zones;
    2. Fire lanes;
    3. On the grass;
    4. Striped zones;
    5. Walkways/roadways;
    6. Restricted areas.
  • Information relating to a vehicle that has been towed is available through the College Police Department.
  • Parking Violations in Reserved Parking Areas
    Brookhaven College has three reserved parking areas in the E-1, W-2 and Building X parking lots. Each semester drivers who do not display a Brookhaven College parking decal are issued citations by the Police Department for parking vehicles in areas that are reserved for faculty and staff members. This procedure has been the policy of Brookhaven College for many years.
    1. The first violation will result in a Warning Citation.
    2. The second violation by the same vehicle will result in a citation, and a wheel-immobilizing device may be placed on the vehicle. The cited driver/owner of the vehicle having a wheel-immobilizing device on it will be required to pay a fine for the parking infraction. Fines must be paid at the Brookhaven College Cashier, at the wondows in the Student Services Center, Building S. To have the device removed, the driver must bring the receipt for the paid fine to the Police Department.
    3. After having a wheel-immobilizing device placed on a vehicle, any subsequent violation will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.
  • This Operational Memorandum is applicable to students, staff, faculty, and persons not affiliated with the District or Brookhaven College.

    Campus Parking/Driving Regulations