Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *AD,CF No.VII - D
Subject: Art Work on Temporary Loan

Brookhaven college maintains a full schedule of art exhibitions in both the Forum and Studio Galleries from the following sources:

  1. Local and regional artists;
  2. Touring exhibits;
  3. Art faculty (including visiting artists);
  4. Student work.

Recommendations for potential exhibits may be made to the gallery director, full-time art faculty member, fine arts division dean, or the chair of the Art Advisory Committee.

  1. Exhibitions are selected one (1) year in advance in a consultative process between the full-time Art faculty and the gallery director.
  2. The director is responsible for scheduling, installation, publicity, and insurance forms for each exhibit. Most exhibits run four to six weeks.
  3. The insurance forms that are required must list the artist’s name, title of work, dimension, media, size, and value. Insurance forms are completed by the gallery director, verified by campus police inspection and provided to the chair of the Art Advisory Committee and Vice President of Business Services for signature and transmittal to the District Business Office. Insurance covers the period from installation to “tear-down” of the exhibit and for its return to the artist. This is the period in which the artwork is physically in the control of the college staff.
Art Exhibitions Exhibit Scheduling and Responsibilities

From time to time, Brookhaven exhibits artworks on an extended loan basis. Loans are negotiated by the chair of the Art Advisory Committee and a formal memorandum of agreement is written between the college and the artist. All loaned works are subject to approval by the Art Advisory Committee, campus police for safety considerations for large sculptural works, Vice President of Business Services, and the college President.

The Loaned Work Agreement will cover the following:

  1. Timelines for notification to the college if the artwork is to be removed prior to the conclusion of the agreement;
  2. Installation requirements;
  3. Artist’s responsibilities;
  4. Insurance arrangements (which are generally the artist’s cost).
Loaned Work