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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CF No.VII - F
Subject: Long Distance Telephone Calls

At times, long distance calls are necessary during the course of a work day. Long distance calls can only be made with Long Distance Access Code. Employees that require long distance access are required to adhere to certain processes and protocol.

When the need to make a long distance call exists, personnel should charge the call to either a long distance personal charge card number or other credit card.

It is the responsibility of the cost center manager to ensure that personal long distance calls are not charged to the College. In the event a call appears on the report, reimbursement must be made within 10 days of receipt of the monthly budget reports.

Reimbursement is made to the Business Office cashier.

Long Distance Access Code Request Procedure

  • For an employee who requires a long-distance code to conduct business, a supervisor may request the assignment of a long-distance access code through the campus Help Desk, at ext. 4692 or email BHC Phones.
  • Only one access code may be assigned to an employee. This access code must not be shared with other employees.
  • The access code shall be used for DCCCD business-related calls. Personal long distance calls should be limited to emergency situations, and where possible, employees should be encouraged to use their personal telephone credit/calling cards for such calls.

Monthly Long Distance Call Log

  • Employees who have been issued a long-distance access code shall maintain a monthly “Long Distance Call Log.”
    The log shall be used to list all long distance calls when made. The “Long Distance Call Log” will be used to verify the calls listed on the "Telephone Charges - Long Distance Report. “ The “Long Distance Call Log” form can be accessed on the /P:drive at P:\FORMS\BusinessOffice, file name "LDPhoneLog.xls."

Monthly Long Distance Report Distribution and Reconciliation

  • To facilitate the reconciliation of long-distance calls, the campus telephone coordinator distributes a monthly report titled “Telephone Charges - Long Distance Report” to the cost center managers.
  • The cost center manager will distribute the report to employees whom have calls listed on the report. The referenced employees will review the report and verify the legitimacy of the calls by signing or initializing the report.
  • The cost center manager should establish a reasonable time period for the return of the report and monitor its return.

Payment and Deposit Procedures for Personal Calls

  • If an employee has made any personal long-distance telephone calls that are listed on the report, he or she must identify the personal calls and make full payment at the Business Office cashier window. Reimbursement for personal long-distance calls may be made by cash, credit card, or check. Checks for personal calls must be made out to "DCCCD," "Dallas County Community College District" or "Brookhaven College."
  • The Business Office will provide a receipt to the employee or division designee, for payment of the calls, and deposit the payment into the division's long-distance account—23211.

Division Routing and Report Filing

  • The employee or division designee will attach the payment receipt to the long-distance charge report and forward the report to the next person on the routing list.
  • A copy of the report, along with any receipts for payment of personal calls, must be given to the cost center manager for review and filing.
  • The cost center manager should keep a file copy of the report through the end of the current fiscal year.

Report Discrepancies

  • To report any discrepancies in the report, contact the campus Help Desk, at Ext. 4692 or email BHC Computer.

Termination of Access

  • A long distance access code shall be cancelled in case of employee termination, compromise of an access code, or in cases of abuse of privilege. To request termination of a long distance access code, contact the campus Help Desk, at Ext. 4692 or e-mail BHC Computer for your request.
Long Distance Telephone Calls