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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *BAA,CAC,CAM,FF No.VII - H
Subject: DCCCD Foundation Grants

The Foundation distributes funds in the following categories:

  1. President’s mini-grant funds for superior faculty and staff proposals for: travel, conference expenses, professional development, etc. (These funds are provided on a dollar-for dollar match of funds contributed to the College Employee Development Fund.);
  2. Employee Development Fund grants for faculty and staff from monies donated by Brookhaven College employees to the College Employee Development Fund;
  3. Program support and enrichment grants;
  4. Student scholarships.

To submit an application, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Individual Grants:
    1. For individual grants (see above sections 1 and 2), a signed Employee Application form, a signed Instructions and Conditions form, and a completed Professional Leave and Travel form and Professional Leave Request Attachment (where applicable) must be submitted to the immediate supervisor 14 days in advance of the proposed activity. Forms are available in the President’s Office.
    2. After the designated signatures, campus Employee Development Fund committee recommendation for approval, and the College President’s approval have been obtained, these forms are sent to the Vice President of Business Services for forwarding to the District Foundation for action. The employee will receive notification of approval/disapproval from the College President via the College Business Office. (Note: No application for funds to support an activity which has already occurred will be considered.)
    3. After completion of the grant activity, the employee must, within 10 working days, submit copies of all receipts for expenditures and a copy of the completed Professional Leave and Travel form to the District Foundation for reimbursement. (The original receipts and Professional Leave and Travel form are to be submitted to the College Business Office.) The employee will only be reimbursed by the Foundation for monies actually spent - not to exceed the amount originally approved.
  2. Program Support and Enrichment Grants:
    1. For program support and enrichment grants, an application form available in Administration must be completed 14 days in advance of the proposed activity and signed by the requestor, the appropriate Division Dean and Vice President, and the President. Any available information pertinent to the proposed activity should be submitted with the application form.
    2. The President will then submit the form to the Foundation Office. Notification of approval/disapproval will be received from the Foundation Office.
    3. Once the approved activity has been completed, any follow-up paperwork requested by the Foundation must be completed and submitted in a timely manner.

For student scholarships, applications are processed through the Financial Aid Office where forms are available, or on the DCCCD Foundation website. Special scholarships awarded through the Brookhaven College Office of Career and Program Resources follow guidelines established by the donors. Criteria for each scholarship are included in a transmittal letter sent to appropriate deans or directors annually depending on availability of funds.

District Foundation Grants Application Procedures