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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: *CAM No.VII - I
Subject: Commemorative Trees

Commemorative trees are planted or designated for two purposes.

  1. to honor achievements and/or the memory of college groups or staff members, and
  2. to recognize 25 years of service by college staff members.
  1. Planted commemorative trees become college property, have no guarantee of longevity, and will be cared for in the same manner as undesignated trees.
  2. As college property, trees may be removed as required for aesthetic, construction, hazards, or other reasons deemed necessary by college administration.
  3. The designation/planting of commemorative trees will be reserved for recognition of college staff only. No external individuals or organizations will have this recognition opportunity unless approved by the College President and with the full understanding and acceptance of the stipulations on college property as described above.
  4. Recognition markers will be composed of durable materials within college established cost limitations, as designed by the college, and affixed appropriately near the base of the tree, with ample room for cultivation and mowing.
  1. In the event that a designated tree dies or must be removed, the honoree(s) will have the option of selecting another tree on the property.
  2. In the event that a planted tree dies or must be removed, the option of selecting another tree will be offered, but the college is under no obligation to replace the planted tree.
  3. Damaged or missing markers will be replaced once by the college; other replacements will be at the discretion of the donor/honoree with the cost borne by the donor/honoree.
Other Limitations
  1. The roster of commemorative trees, planted or designated, will be maintained by the Office of the Assistant to the President. A formal review of tree status will be conducted every two years with on-going review of status by facilities and the operational units located near the designated trees.
  2. Designated trees for longevity awards will be selected by the individual staff members at the request of the Assistant to the President in the spring of each year in conjunction with the annual service awards ceremonies.
  3. Longevity award plaques will be ordered through the Assistant to the President and installed by Brookhaven College facilities.
  4. Other commemorative tree plaques will be coordinated with the donor/group by the Office of Career and Program Resources.
Procedures for Maintenance and Designation
  1. Notification of the removal or demise of an existing commemorative tree must be made in a timely manner to the Office of the Assistant to the President. Responsibility for notifications rests jointly with facilities staff, operational areas in the vicinity, and in particular, any unit of the college involved in the donation.
  2. Donors/honorees will be notified promptly by the Assistant to the President with appropriate letters from college officials.
Changes in Tree Status