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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: * No.VII - K
Subject: Publication Procedures

Publication Procedures

The content and design of publications produced and distributed by Brookhaven College must be accurate and consistent in describing the institution and rigorously adhere to principles of good educational practice.

Publications are defined as print, recorded or electronic works produced by or under the direction of Brookhaven College employees on behalf of the college to promote, showcase or support programs or services sponsored or offered by the college for distribution to students, employees or the public. This does not include instructional/classroom materials.

Brookhaven College publications are processed through the Marketing and Public Information Office to ensure accuracy and consistency in describing the institution and adherence to principles of good educational practices. The director or designated representative of the Marketing and Public Information Office works with the originator of the material prior to printing, recording or electronic publication. The MPI Office director or assistant director acknowledges proper procedure has been followed by signing the originator’s Business Office Production Request or Copy Center form. Business Office and Copy Center personnel process requests for printing/copies only when the MPI Office authorization/initials or signature is present. All publications are proofed for content, spelling, grammar, syntax, etc., compliance with bulk mail regulations, correct use of the college logo and postage indicia, legal/legislative mandated requirements as well as compliance with copyright law, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, Associated Press Style, policies of Brookhaven College, the Dallas County Community College District, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Web Publishing Procedures

Creation or execution of any online content affiliated with Brookhaven College is subject to prior approval of the Brookhaven College Marketing and Public Information Office. This includes, but is not limited to, blogs, wikis, online forums, social media accounts and Internet pages.

Any full-time employees interested in the creation of such entities outside of the Web servers controlled by Brookhaven College or Dallas Community College District must fill out, sign and submit a Social Media/Web Agreement form to the Marketing and Public Information Office. Part-time employees are not eligible to create content on the World Wide Web without a full-time employee as the primary person (sponsor) signing the agreement form.

In doing so, the full-time employee/creator/sponsor acknowledges all responsibility for content submitted in said Web publication and agrees to defer to the Marketing and Public Information Office should appropriateness, quality or educational practice come into question. The creator also assures no damage will be done to the reputation or image of Brookhaven College with the existence of this Web publication. The Marketing and Public Information Office determines and maintains policy and procedure for all Web publishing affiliated with the Brookhaven College. As the Internet is an ever-changing medium, these policies and procedures are subject to regular change.

Publication Procedures