Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: FKA,FKC,GFA No.VI- C
Subject: Signs or Posters Display

An authorized sign is one that has been approved for posting and is on display in only the designated areas. Posting guidelines and restrictions are available from the Office of Student Life. In order for temporary signs to be authorized, they must by stamped by the Office of Student Life with an expiration date. Temporary signs may not be posted anywhere except where authorized.

Authorization and Display

Student organizations may request, from the Marketing and Public Information Office, banners and printed signs to advertise club events. Public information request forms are available in the Office of Student Life, Room S201. The Office of Student Life must sign and approve all requests.

Banners and Printed Signs

Student organizations wishing to distribute fliers to advertise an event may have access to college resources such as graphics for artwork design and the Copy Center for printing. The necessary forms are available in the Office of Student Life. Fliers may not be posted on windows, elevators or painted walls of the college or attached in any way to automobiles in the campus parking lots.


Other resources available for the distribution of information about events include:

  1. The Courier student newspaper — submit information to the College newspaper office;
  2. The college entrance marquees — submit information to campus the Marketing and Public Information Office;
  3. The Courtyard Chatter staff newsletter — submit information to the Marketing and Public Information Office.
Other Publicity Resources

The following information outlines the authorization requirements and procedures for using campus bulletin boards:

  1. All posted notices must be approved in the Office of Student Life;
  2. No commercial advertisements are allowed on campus;
  3. Bulletin boards are designated for specific kinds of information.

Notices must not exceed 14” X 22” and may remain posted up to one (1) month. Bulletin boards are used to post:

  1. Campus events;
  2. Leadership activities, student clubs and volunteer activities;
  3. Off-campus activities and roommate exchange.
Bulletin Boards