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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: AD,FI,FKA,FLB,GB,GF No.VI - F
Subject: Distribution of Literature/Public Demonstration

The Mission of Brookhaven College is to provide a quality education to its students. Part of the educational process is for the student to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and ideas. To that end, Brookhaven College has established this operational memorandum to facilitate the free exchange of these points of view in a positive and safe educational environment for the students. These procedures are established so that the free exchange of ideas may take place on the Brookhaven College campus without interfering with the normal college or college-sponsored activities. Speech that is obscene, libelous, directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, is likely to produce imminent lawless action, or that contains impermissible solicitation, is not covered by this Memorandum.

  1. Literature: Literature as used in this memorandum applies to printed material including surveys, petitions, handbills, writings, or pictorial matter.
  2. Booth: Booth means a table furnished by the College for distributing surveys, petitions, handbills, or literature, or displaying signs, or for other forms of expression. No more than one 8’ or 5’ table may be used for a booth.
  3. Free Speech Area: Free speech area means that area designated by Brookhaven College as an area where students may speak publicly or stage demonstrations on topics. This area is located within the College Commons Courtyard, International Courtyard, Renaissance Courtyard and the breezeway between T and A buildings of the College. These areas are highly visible and very accessible to students.
Distribution of Literature/Public Demonstration Definitions

Students distributing three (3) or more copies of literature must do so during normal College business operating hours anywhere in the Commons Courtyard of the College, so long as the distribution of literature does not impede the ingress or egress of traffic or the use of space for college sponsored activities. This memorandum is not designed to restrict the distribution of curriculum related materials. Prior administrative approval is required to distribute literature. Each piece of literature to be distributed shall identify the student or student organization distributing it. The distributor is responsible for cleaning the area around which the literature was distributed.

The distribution of literature may be suspended if the literature or the student distributing the literature creates a material or substantial interference with the business of the College.


Any individual distributing literature, which constitutes solicitation as defined in the Board of Trustees Policy Manual, sec. FI, must follow the procedure set out in the solicitation policy. Any student organization wishing to distribute literature must follow the procedures and policies set forth for approval of student organization sponsored materials or events. Any student or student organization wishing to utilize non-students for distribution of literature must comply with college policies regarding non-students on campus.

Distribution of Literature

Booths, as defined above, are also available for students to distribute literature. These booths will be set up in the Commons Courtyard on campus. The booths are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students wishing to utilize a booth may reserve a booth with the Brookhaven College Office of Student Life. Sign-up for booths will begin 24 hours prior to the day in which the student wishes to utilize the booth. Booths may be utilized and reserved for only one day during the week so that ample opportunity is available for all students wishing to utilize booths.

The same exceptions which apply to solicitations, student organizations, and non-students, as addressed in the section under distribution of literature, will apply.


Any student whose exercise of free speech addresses or is reasonably likely to address three or more individuals must utilize the free speech area for speeches, programs, demonstrations, or other demonstrative forms of protected speech. This area is available during normal college operating hours, which are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any student who uses the free speech area may not arrive in the area before the assigned starting time and must leave the area no later than the ending time. Any speech, program, demonstration, or other demonstrative form of speech may be suspended if the activity in question creates a material and substantial interference with the business of the College. Students utilizing this area are responsible for the cleanup of the area.

Students wishing to utilize the free speech area must register with the Brookhaven College Office of Student Life at least twenty-four hours prior to the date on which they wish to utilize the area. The application for use of the free speech area must state the identity of the individual reserving the area and when the activity is to take place. This information must be provided so that the College can clear any conflicting scheduling of the area. The area will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students wishing to advertise their use of the free speech area may place a notice on the free speech bulletin board. The notice shall not be larger than 81/2”x ll”. The notice, at a minimum, must provide the same information as that provided to the College when registering and reserving the free speech area.

The exception detailed under the distribution of literature section shall apply to the free speech area.

A student’s failure to comply with this memorandum may be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Free Speech Area & Bulletin Board