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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: EGA,FMA No.VI - G
Subject: Re-admission Following Academic Suspension

Brookhaven College students are notified of their academic status on the student academic advising report and on eConnect at the end of each semester. Those students who receive notice that they have been academically suspended for the next semester or summer session may not enroll in future courses unless they follow the process detailed below.

Those students on their first suspension, must complete the following steps prior to the published registration deadline.

  1. Make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Advising Center;
  2. In conjunction with the advisor, outline and discuss specific interventions and student success strategies;

Students who are re-admitted while on suspension are limited to 6 - 7 hours of credit enrollment in a long semester and 3 hours of credit enrollment in a summer semester.

Students must attend and successfully complete all courses and earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or above. All withdrawals require an exit interview and must be approved by an advisor.

NOTE: Brookhaven College establishes and publishes timelines for the application or appeal of students on suspension. No application or appeal requests are accepted or processed after the published deadline has passed. Suspension students must be approved for admission and registered before the first class day, as noted in the calendar in the Brookhaven College credit class schedule.

Academic Status/ Suspension

Students who have been academically dismissed or indefinitely academically dismissed will complete the 3-step process listed below:

  1. Meet with admissions advisor in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office;
  2. Complete new application for admission;
  3. Complete re-admission dismissal packet;
  4. Meet with an academic suspension advisor in the advising center.

Academic Dismissal

Students who are on suspension from another college or university (including other Dallas County Community College District colleges) must complete steps 1 and 2 from above.

Students who are on dismissal from another college or university (including other Dallas County Community College District colleges) must complete steps 1-4 from above.

Multiple Suspensions

In addition, transfer students must submit an application for admission and official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and current TSI scores and/or status at the time of application for admission.

NOTE: Applications are accepted only from those students who have submitted all official transcripts and TSI scores and/or status.

Transfer Students and Suspension

Suspended students, approved for admission, who wish to appeal the number of hours and/or courses approved by their suspension advisor will be referred to the Assistant Director of Academic Advising and/or the Executive Dean of Student and Enrollment Services in this sequence. The executive dean will have final decision authority regarding this appeal.

Appeal Procedures