Brookhaven College

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Manual of Operational Memoranda for Brookhaven College

District Reference: EFA No.V - E
Subject: Course Syllabus

Faculty members are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the syllabus for all courses taught. Sample syllabus formats are available in the division office, in the Faculty Handbook or on P Drive>FORMS>VPI. Listed below are the procedures.

  1. Syllabi are to be on file in the office of the division dean for all courses taught every semester.
  2. Syllabi are reviewed and, if necessary, revised (at the determination of the faculty member) every semester.
  3. Periodic review of division syllabi will be made.

Faculty members are responsible for the preparation of the syllabus for all courses taught. Sample syllabus formats are available in the division office. All course syllabi must be on file in the division office. The following items must be included in syllabi.

  1. course title and number
  2. catalog description
  3. course competencies
  4. course objectives
  5. course materials
  6. a general statement indicating that an instructor has the right to add to, delete or revise segments of the course or syllabus
  7. how students can contact the instructor
  8. office hours
  9. calendar and schedule of due dates
  10. attendance expectations
  11. drop/withdrawal policies and procedures
  12. the approved college statement concerning the state's six-drop policy (available from the division office)
  13. safety policies and procedures (if applicable)
  14. use of equipment, facilities and resources (if applicable)
  15. grading procedure, i.e. how final grade is determined
  16. explanation of Competency Based Instruction, CBI, and performance grades (if applicable)
  17. use of Testing Center (if applicable)
  18. academic dishonesty policy
  19. information about the Americans with Disabilities Act
  20. information about student absences due to religious observance
  21. how students receive their final grades

NOTE: Texas House Bill No. 2504 requires a syllabus that:
(A)  satisfies any standards adopted by the institution;
(B)  provides a brief description of each major course requirement, including each major assignment and examination;
(C)  lists any required or recommended reading;and
(D)  provides a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion;