Courtyard Chatter: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Question of the Month

Question of the Month

"Excited/Hopeful for the New Year?"

Yes, fellow employees, it is 2014! This means a whole new year of goals, vacation plans, events, and of course, classes! What are you most excited for, or hopeful about this 14th year of the 3rd millennium?

This year has barely gotten started and I already have several things I’m looking forward to in the coming months! A vacation, two dear friends having babies, exciting concerts and so on. I don’t typically make resolutions because the things I want to do are minor, but I think they will make a difference for me in the end!

Madeline Bottoni, Marketing and Creative Services


I am very excited about a trip I will take next fall with my husband and son to one of the Central American countries.

My son is an anesthesiologist in Austin, TX. Every year he goes to a Central American country with Austin Smiles and does surgeries to repair cleft palates. For some reason, this medical condition is more prevalent in Central America. The surgery really changes lives and it is all done for free. All of his time and all of the other doctor’s time is donated.

For the first time, my husband and I will be able to go with him. I’m so looking forward to this experience. I will bring back pictures to share.

Carol Cinclair, Ed. D.


I am always hopeful and excited for another year, as that means I am not dead. My husband and I are planning several dive vacations, so I will daydream about it constantly.

Jen Allen, Visiting Scholar, Social Sciences – History


Here is what I'm hopeful about:

  1. That people learn to communicate without attacking others with dissimilar beliefs and goals.
  2. That people learn to compromise – which means they are willing to give up something for the common good of all.

Cynthia Mills, faculty


Well for starters, there are a lot of legit movies I want to go watch, like Godzilla and X-Men 7. I'm also looking forward for the World Cup this summer. I think we all know who the winner is going to be (cough cough Brazil cough, sorry allergies). Other than that, a small camping trip with the family wouldn't hurt.

Mauricio Luna, Marketing and Creative Services


Okay, can I say movies?!! X-Men: Days of Future Past, RoboCop, Monuments Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Divergent, Captain America: TWS, Amazing Spiderman 2, Neighbors, Godzilla, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers: AOE, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, TMNT, The Giver, The Maze Runner, Mockingjay, There and Back Again: The Hobbit 3 and so many more!

Also things like being alive for another year, graduating, etc. etc. . . . . but mostly movies.

Mary Catherine Schoals, Marketing and Creative Services


I am excited to finally take the trip I won for the raffle at All-College Day last year. I received a 5 day trip to Cancun that was a surprise to everyone. It was provided by one of the vendors and they kept it a secret until it was handed out.

Jessica Beavers, LRC