Courtyard Chatter: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reading: The App for Life

Reading: The App for Life

Keeping the Dream Alive One Issue at a Time
By Anna Masters

Dr. Martin Luther King and I have a couple of things in common – we share the same birthday, and we both have a dream. While Dr. King’s dream was far-reaching and altruistic, mine is much smaller and individually focused. What I dream about is a weekend home at the beach. And to help me keep this dream alive is my monthly subscription to Coastal Living magazine.

I’ve always found magazines to be an efficient way to keep up on current topics and trends in any number of subjects. Coastal Living focuses on all topics beach related – fashion, decorating, travel, food and the finer points of living the coastal lifestyle. What beach dweller wouldn’t want to browse this thoughtful tribute to all things coastally inspired?

Generally speaking, magazines are a much friendlier reading experience than books. You can engage with a magazine for only the amount of time it takes to read an article – maybe several minutes – or you can spend a couple of hours immersing yourself in the magazine’s representational experience. When I open my latest issue of Coastal Living, I’m transported to my favorite near-Dallas beach – Galveston Island – and I let my mind wander to translating what is on the page into my future beach abode. I enjoy interior design, especially paint and finishes, and Coastal Living reports on these trends in every issue. I never knew how much I would like chartreuse or robin’s egg blue as paint colors until I started reading Coastal Living. I’m thinking my future beach getaway will have chartreuse interior walls with bright-white molding and coral and robin’s egg blue accent colors. This is very different from my full-time home in Dallas, which is designed in a neutral color pallet.

For me, being at the beach is peaceful. It’s my “happy place.” When I open the pages of Coastal Living magazine I’m transported to a place where sand is between my toes, salty sea breezes tousle my hair, seagulls soar and dive while my dogs chase them down the beach, and the rhythmic sound of waves meeting the shore remind me that all is right in my little part of the world. This is why I subscribe to Coastal Living. Especially when life in Dallas gets too hectic, my magazine is reminder of what I hope will come – keeping my dream alive one issue at a time.