Courtyard Chatter: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vitruvian Park Connector Project

Vitruvian Park Connector Project

Though the project is still quite far away from groundbreaking, some of the groundwork has been laid for plans to link the Vitruvian Park area to the north side of the college grounds and Alpha Road as an exit.

George Herring, vice president for business services, has attended community meetings to review the proposed project, to answer community questions and to examine conceptual drawings of the road.

Representatives from the City of Farmers Branch, the Cambridge Crossing Homeowners Association and UDR, Inc., the Vitruvian Park property developer, were at the latest meeting on Dec. 11. The HOA will have an at-large association meeting in late January to discuss and get feedback on both conceptual drawings from all members. A follow-up community meeting will be held in early February to discuss the feedback from the homeowner’s association meeting and determine next steps.

Take a look at the Initial conceptual drawings that show where a route from Vitruvian and the college grounds would connect and exit to Alpha Road.