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Brookhaven College Green Team


Our Single-Stream Recycling Plan

recycling Symbol

As of April 1, 2010, Brookhaven College follows a single-stream recycling plan. All recyclable items can be thrown into blue recycling containers on campus, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum. There is no need to separate items.

Recycable items accepted in the bins include:

For more information on what's acceptable to recycle at Brookhaven College, see Waste Management's official list.

Classroom recycling tubs are emptied nightly, while workroom/division recycling tubs will are emptied twice weekly. Employees with deskside recycling containers must empty their recycling into their workroom/division tub for removal. The Green Team has partnered with Waste Management to make this new system possible.

Recycle Your Cell Phones and Ink Cartridges

Brookhaven College's Early College High School Eco Club participates in the Chiapas Project, which collects cell phones and ink cartridges to help alleviate poverty in Latin America. The project receives donations for each phone and cartridge that is collected.

Cell phones contain toxic materials such as arsenic, antimony, beryllium, cadmium and lead. Look for the cardboard Chiapas Project drop boxes on campus, and help make a difference!

Donate Plastics for Reuse

For a limited time, the Green Team will offer soft plastic recycling on campus. These items - grocery bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, Subway sandwich bags - can be dropped into large cardboard boxes at four campus locations.

The collection boxes will be monitored, and all bags will be delivered to our partner, Tom Thumb on Marsh Lane. From there they will be delivered to a company that uses the bags to make plastic decking.

This will be a short-term demonstration project. The Green Team will evaluate its effectiveness and determine how to proceed.