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Courtyard Chatter

Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sharon’s Corner

Sharon’s Corner

Classes are in session, students have been greeted with the “official” Welcome Back Party, student government elections are underway, and many students have had their first test. The 2007-08 academic year has begun!   Read More »

Notes from the PSSA

PSSA lunch

This month’s submission from the Professional Support Staff Association highlights the membership drive that kicks off each fall for the group. Find out about upcoming meetings and plans for activities.  Read More »

Brookhaven Administrator Selected to Attend Leadership Institute

Vernon Hawkins

Vernon Hawkins, associate vice president for workforce and continuing education, was selected as one of only 32 community college leaders to attend the Executive Leadership Institute.  Read More »

Preparing for Down-Time

The district is converting to the latest edition of Colleague. While the conversion is taking place there will be a few days when no one will be able to get into Colleague.  Read More »

Employee of the Month, Sonja Guinn

Sonja Guinn

Sonja Guinn, records management analyst in the Copy Center, was selected as the Employee of the Month for August.  Read More »

Low-income and First-generation Hispanic Students Helped By Passage of HR 2669

Low-income and First-Generation Hispanic Students

Recently passed by Congress and now waiting for signature by the president, the Conference Report for the College Cost Reduction and Access Act will provide $20 billion to boost financial assistance to low- and middle-income students.  Read More »

News Notes

Patricia Dodd

With a month between editions of the Courtyard Chatter while we are working out changes, you can miss out on some college news. Take a few moments to see what else has been happening at the college and celebrate the accomplishments of students and co-workers.  Read More »

Thank You Notes

Rodger Bennett

The Brookhaven College mailbox received another thank you note this week from a colleague who attended a seminar presented by Rodger BennettRead More »

In Memorium: Joe Huey

basketball coaching

The story goes that a broken axle on the way through Dallas is what originally caught Joey Huey. When he passed away on Aug. 17, he had spent more than 50 years in Dallas as a teacher and basketball coach.  Read More »