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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bears Spend Month Helping Others

Members of the Brookhaven College community spent hours of time helping people in need this month. From food banks to fundraising, our Bears did it all!

Hands-on Volunteering at Food Bank

Bears Spend Month Helping Others

Students and employees help at the North Texas Food Bank.

Paper boxes were flying, bottles were being packaged and cans were being stacked on three different assembly lines when more than 70 Brookhaven College students and employees volunteered to help the North Texas Food Bank.

On Oct. 23, the college participated in a Day of Service, and volunteers spent three hours working at the food bank.

There were two lines where members of student government, EMS students and employees broke down boxes of food gathered at food drives into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items to be sent off to area food banks. At another line, students and employees packed food boxes for families with staples like juice, canned vegetables, pasta, cereal and fish.

Dr. Richard D. McCrary, interim president, was just one of dozens of administrators, faculty and staff members from around the college who participated. Nelda Contreras, developmental writing professor, and Carrie Schweitzer, assistant to the president, co-chaired the committee that coordinated the event.

The NTFB will "credit" area agencies, such as the Metrocrest Social Services, for the volunteer hours so each agency designated can later exchange their hours for food.

More than 200 volunteer hours donated by the college will provide 1,350 pounds of food to smaller community food banks.

Susan G. Komen 3-Day Sleeps Over

Bears Spend Month Helping Others

A member of the Brookhaven Bear baseball
team helps set up tents at the 3 Day Walk.

Pink pup tents began dotting the campus early Friday afternoon last week for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

Members of the Brookhaven College baseball team were out there on the fields, but they weren't playing; they were carrying luggage and setting up tents. Though most the team members said they had never set up a tent before, they had plenty of practice by the time the more than 2,700 walkers had a sleeping place for the night.

Estimates for this year's event show that each walker raised at least $2,300 in donations, which puts the total dollar impact for the event at more than $6 million.

Baseball players were just a few of the college's many volunteers who helped carry luggage, clear tables and do anything else that was needed. Some just came to cheer for those who crossed the finish line each day at the end of their 20 mile trek.

Athletes Sign Autographs for Cause

Current and former athletes from Brookhaven College participated in the kick-off of the "Marathon Kids" program on Oct. 30.

More than 1,000 elementary age children ran the first .2 miles of a full 26.2-mile marathon they will complete throughout the year. After the runners completed their lap and a half, the college Bears' basketball players Chris Johnson, Tommy Lloyd, Alec Heffler, Rickey Pegues, Jermias Sawyer and Raimon Gates, along with former players Demonea Young and Jon Smith, signed autographs for the children.

The kick-off at Loos Field this year is just the beginning for this program designed to promote fitness and wellness in elementary age children.

"The event was a great way to show the college actively participating in the community as well as providing role models for younger children," said Kevin Hurst, basketball coach.

He encouraged his fellow employees to thank these students for representing both the school and themselves exceptionally well.

SECC Reaches Goals

The college reached its goal for the 2010 State Employee Charitable Campaign.

Congratulations to the college's SECC Committee members. Dawn Bishop, senior administrative assistant and committee chair, was working up until the last minute to reach the college's participation goal

The college is always generous in giving and easily reaches the financial goal with more than $58,000 committed this year. There were 320 employees, or 80 percent, of the college community who contributed. The college also had 23 Leadership Givers, meaning 23 individuals contributed at least $1,000 to the campaign.

The full committee included Evonne Clark, Chris Cyriaque, Resi Douglas, Jamie Jenkins, Blanca Klingensmith, Mary Milligan, Susan Mollet, Dwain Moore, Mark Naugher, Leslie Neal, Julie Pendleton, Czarina Reyes, Jane Rowe, Carole Sakach, Stephanie Venza and Monica Wenthold.