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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Employees Receive Awards for Excellence

Congratulations to the winners of the Brookhaven College employee awards!

Employee of the Year

Other Nominees

  • Meridith Danforth, assistant director of Marketing and Public Information
  • Kevin Kawanishi, accounting instructional assistant
  • Margaret Riley, instructional lab coordinator
  • Charles Self, technical theatre specialist
  • Christie Stone, media circulation assistant
  • Jill Williams, administrative assistant to the instructional dean of School of the Arts
  • Rick Tuman, program manager for WCE

Brookhaven College Piper Professor

Other Nominees

  • Patti Burks, professor of computer & information technology
  • Ahad Hayaud-Din, professor government

WCE Instructor of the Year

Jean Sharon Griffith Award for Student Development Leadership

The Counseling Center
Beverly Neu Menassa, Virginia Clemente and Shirley Walker (Christy Neher not pictured)

  • Beverly Neu Menassa, professional counselor
  • Virginia Clemente, adjunct faculty
  • Christy Neher, professional counselor
  • Shirley Walker, counselor and advisor

Part-time Employee of the Year

Deborah Berry, instructional associate

Other Nominees

  • JoAnn McKnight, senior administrative assistant to Career and Special Programs
  • Suzette Vaquera-Constantine, outreach & recruitment coordinator

Administrator of the Year

Other Nominees

  • Juanita Flint, executive dean of Health & Human Services
  • Sam Govea, executive dean of Social Science and World Languages
  • Joy Johnson, program director in Workforce & Continuing Education
  • Kendra Vaglienti, executive dean of Communications
  • Susan Voigt, director of the Business Office.

Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching

Other Nominees

  • Kristen Elliott Baker, music
  • Demoss Collins, EMS
  • Thom Parr, sociology and criminology
  • Charles Purdy, math
  • Jeff Ritter, business office systems

Innovation of the Year

The Electrical Retrofit Project

This project saved the college thousands of dollar by retrofitting campus light with new energy-saving bulbs. The WCE ESOL Instructor Evaluation Process was also nominated. Employees involved included:

  • Bobby Honea, master electrician
  • Jose Martinez, electrician
  • Sam Salmeron, facilities maintenance assistant


Numerous employees helped participate in the awards process. Thanks go out to:

  • Sam Govea, executive dean of Social Science and World Languages
  • Hurshel Burton, English professor
  • Tarrilynn Wall, instructional associate
  • Rikk Terhune, academic advisor
  • Greg Jacobs, sociology professor
  • Mathewos Kassa, director of institutional effectiveness for inmprovement
  • Joe McNamara, media distribution assistant
  • Christi Lind, cashier
  • Mildred Kelley, nurse
  • Ladan Scott, math professor
  • Winnie Clarke, director of testing
  • Gene Robinson, Language Lab coordinator
  • Jill Williams, support student development services coordinator
  • Susana Ruelas, team leader for corporate and continuing education
  • Monica Pauken, outreach and recruitment coordinator
  • Argie Landa, assistant accountant
  • Ann Coder, librarian
  • Becky Knickel, accounting professor
  • Cynthia Mills, art professor
  • Nita Drescher, developmental reading professor
  • Sheri Van Court, ESOL professor
  • John Neal, journalism professor
  • Takiyah Evans, adjunct faculty