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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Feb. 16, 2011

World Languages Division Wrangles in New Dean

World Languages Division Wrangles in New Dean

Dr. Grant Sisk is the new dean for World Languages.

Playfully called "Cowboy" by his friends, Grant Sisk, Ph.D., recently left his 850-acre ranch in Austin to lasso in the World Languages Division as its new dean.

Grant comes to us from the University of Phoenix in Austin where for five years he served as the chair of its Arts and Sciences department.

Though he liked his job, Grant said, "My long-term goal was always to move back into traditional education."

Grant takes over his new position with loads of ideas and goals for the World Languages Division.

"Primarily, my overarching plan is to grow the department and," Grant said, "to assert the relevance of foreign languages to modern society."

"In an increasingly globalized world, familiarity with foreign languages is a benefit, while fluency offers an incredible competitive advantage in the global marketplace," he said

Grant previously taught as an associate professor at Richland College and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas.

He says his history as a professor helps him understand and work with faculty members.

Grant Sisk Quick Facts

"My favorite thing in Austin was having a good relationship with the faculty and working with them to help them accomplish their goals and the goals of the students," Grant said.

Grant, an avid outdoorsman, loves doing anything outside – horseback riding, hunting, swimming – and after living on an 850-acre ranch for five years with his son, two horses and two dogs, he isn’t just changing jobs, he’s changing lifestyles.

"It was not unusual to go horseback riding after school and work or decide on a school night to cook supper out in one of the pastures and then sleep there," Grant said. "Obviously, this has come to a screeching halt, and I am going to miss it."

But luckily, he doesn’t come back to Dallas alone. Not only does he bring along his 12-year-old son Logan and his beloved pets, he’ll also be moving closer to his immediate family – all of whom live in the Dallas area.

And when he gets to Brookhaven on his first day, he won’t be alone either. He'll join the Brookhaven College staff with one of his childhood friends – Amy Hatfield Monroy, adjunct English professor.

"I count him as one of the most interesting people I know," Amy said. "I think administrators will appreciate him as an insightful collaborator, the faculty and staff as a thoughtful advocate, and the students as an accessible leader."