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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Science Hot Topic at Lectures Series

Science Hot Topic at Lecture Series

The Science Lecture Series is continuing this spring with seismology and health.

The next lecture features Dr. Andrew Oteo, chiropractic director of Uptown Wellness Center. With a strong focus toward preventative medicine and lifestyle diseases, he is committed to empowering his community through a message of health and healing.

Oteo has combined his specialization in fields of functional training, nutritional management, internal medicine and wellness care to create a unique clinic focused on treating the whole body with individualized healthcare.

Students and community members attended the latest lecture when Brian Stump, Ph.D., Albritton chair of Geological Sciences at Southern Methodist University, presented “Forensic Seismology and Nuclear Testing: The Detective Work of Seismologists.” Seismologists can use the Earth's vibrations to discover the size, force and location of nuclear activity, as well as other explosions and natural occurrences around the world. Dr. Stump has taught at SMU for more than 14 years and has conducted research for more than 20 years on seismic waveforms caused by nuclear explosions.

Stump has served as program manager of the Nuclear Test Monitoring Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory and taken part in negotiations for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in Geneva, Switzerland. He also has served for more than 25 years as the Secretary of the Department of Defense Seismic Review Panel.