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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thank You Notes

The Day of Service was an opportunity to give back in our community. The thank you notes employees received are proof that what was done made a difference.

Scarlett Hill, English professor, shared her own thanks as well as the note of thanks she received from her contact at the Lake Highlands Community Garden for the volunteers’ work at the Day of Service.

Dear all,

Thank You Notes

Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm Friday. I was up at the garden again Saturday and heard lots of praise for everything that was accomplished.

Here's a message Heather Rinaldi of Lake Highlands Community Garden posted on my Facebook page at the weekend: “Scarlett, please share with your co-workers who volunteered at the garden: I am so happy they helped make our garden look so wonderful and helped get the donation garden started for the spring.

“I also had the most wonderful time learning about everybody's specialties and shared all of it with my family. I probably should have to pay for a few credits of tuition. I learned about GPS technology and it's application, the harm cruise ship toilet paper waste does to the coral reefs (errrggghhh!), that there is indigenous tribal language in Columbia, great info for our summer trip to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, and most of all that you professors really love your students.”

Thanks again!

Dawn Wagle, assistant accountant, received a note from Wagle Elementary School. Volunteers worked in the schools garden pulling weeds, raking leaves, pruning bushes and roses. Ben Leung, in facilities, even fixed the waterfall that goes into their pond.

Thank You Notes

Holly Gordon wrote:

I want to give each of you a sincere thank you for your time volunteering in our school's garden. Your hard work and dedication to making the outdoor classroom a more inviting place for our students is a gift for which words are not enough. Your generosity is truly meaningful to the 425 students we have on campus - as well as the staff! With much gratitude, we thank you.

Holly Gordon

H.C. Withers Elementary

Terri Edrich, director of human resources, received this thank you note after the Day of Service.

Dear Friendship House Volunteers,

We were blessed by the Brookhaven College employees that volunteered at the Friendship House today! They restocked our shelves in our Grocery Area, set up our freezers for beef only, chicken and pork. (Boxes have been broken down and are behind the wooden gate by the Friendship House if someone would like to get them for the Forerunners).

Then, they proceeded to our Clothing Area and they hung all the clothes and took away excess clothing items to CCA in Carrollton, including our excess children’s books. They also worked in our Storage Shed!

I think you will be very please next week when you see everything!

Have a great weekend!