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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Turn It All Off

Turn It All Off

When you leave a classroom or office and don't plan to return please make sure that you turn off all equipment to save power. The Brookhaven College Green Team is starting a new campaign in April to remind everyone to "Green Up!" and "Power Down!"

Electricity purchase consumes $1.3 million of the college's budget each year. Electricity is also the second largest contributor to the school's greenhouse gas inventory. Just turning off equipment can make a difference. When you leave offices and classrooms, power everything down. Turn off lights projectors, document cameras and other electronic teaching tools. The bulbs for the classroom projectors cost approximately $350 each, and leaving the projectors on only burns them out faster. If possible, turn off computers and monitors at the power strip.

What else can you do to conserve energy? Eliminating some of the personal electronics in offices can also make a difference. Space heaters are energy hogs, with a 1,000 kilowatt heater costing hundreds of dollars each week. Fans, coffee makers and refrigerators are other appliances that can be turned off or shared for energy savings.

Think about what each individual can do to "Green Up!" and do what you can to "Power Down!"