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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

June Birthdays

If you have a June birthday and are not included in the list below, your employee information in Colleague is marked for privacy. If you would like to make sure that your name is on the birthday listings, please check with the Human Resources Office to change the status on your Colleague information.

June 1 Dennis Maddox, Jason Friedrich, Christopher Clarke, Howard Sickles
June 4 Carlo Pezzimenti
June 5 David Brugger
June 6 Paschal Egbujor
June 7 Keith Umbach
June 8 Hazel Carlos, Chad White, Ben Leung, Annetta McLelland
June 9 Joy Johnson, Robert Neff
June 10 Heibatollah Behbahani, Susana Ruelas, Terri Canaris
June 12 Troy Cenac
June 13 Charles Close, Czarina Reyes
June 14 Buffy Wehner, Kathryn Martinez, Kellie Hickman
June 15 Amy Bryant-Kelly
June 17 John Hatch
June 18 Michael Trubisky
June 19 Erik Tosten
June 20 Jose Martinez, Susan Cruse
June 21 Anne Brophy, Melba Fortuno
June 22 Traci Richard, Roy Allen
June 23 Amy Dillavou, Melana Gage
June 24 Peter Abadie
June 26 Donna Lohr, Ngoc Truong
June 28 Stephanie Higgins, John Gilmer
June 30 Paul Metzger