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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August Birthdays

If you have a August birthday and are not included in the list below, your employee information in Colleague is marked for privacy. If you would like to make sure that your name is on the birthday listings, please check with the Human Resources Office to change the status on your Colleague information.

Aug. 1 Samuel Ivie, John Meinhardt
Aug. 3 Will McCutchen, Judith Ambler-Biles
Aug. 4 Janet Overton
Aug. 6 Heather Sayre
Aug. 7 Renda Garner
Aug. 8 Monica Vazquez
Aug. 9 Eva Blankenship
Aug. 10 Charles Newton
Aug. 12 Kerry Dougherty
Aug. 13 Margaret Debosier, Mildred Kelley, Jan Steele, John Williams
Aug. 14 Vincent Price
Aug. 15 Michael Rodgers
Aug. 16 Julie Stearman, Marilynn Bordelon, Shanthi Murali
Aug. 17 Laura McLarnan, Lisa Miller, Michael Moore, Tyrone Davis
Aug. 18 Khanetta Waddy
Aug. 19 Ian Eisenmann, Rachel Fischer
Aug. 20 James Quillen
Aug. 21 Ramiro Villarreal, David Sutton
Aug. 22 Dennis Boatright, Richard Campbell
Aug. 23 Kathryn Haltom
Aug. 24 Chris Cantrell, Gene Robinson
Aug. 26 Diane Bronar-Skipworth, Carolyn Rogan
Aug. 27 Lois Ames, Janusz Slusarz, Sarah Ferguson
Aug. 28 Mark Preston, Quinn Munnerlyn, Joseph Donia
Aug. 29 Karen Hopkins
Aug. 30 Monty Neel