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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Department Expands Staff, Services

Department Expands Staff, Services

The Career Development Center’s work is never done, but with the addition of two new staff members, they are once again able to offer service to the broader community. The center had discontinued service to the community earlier in the year due to limited staffing, but the addition of new faces means these services are back.

Since Gabrielle Trepagnier and Melinda Franklin joined the team, the center has served nearly 50 members of the community, in addition to their ongoing support of students.

With a background in the human resources and career consulting fields, Gabrielle Trepagnier, senior career planning specialist, is a walking resource for job seekers.

“I have worked in the Human Resources Industry and Career Consulting field for more than eight years,” said Gabrielle. “I am hoping to gain great work relationships as well as become more knowledgeable of other job fields to help students succeed in their job search.”

Joining her on the CDC’s roster is Melinda, 2011’s Workforce and Continuing Education Instructor of the Year. Melinda, who realized her passion for improving students’ job prospects, switched focus from classroom to workroom in March to become a valued career planning assistant.

“I've always felt it was my duty to help students with more than just classroom issues,” Melinda said. “I've often tried to help them with issues related to their jobs, improving their job skills, and even finding jobs.”

Also new to the department is Arturo Moncada Ramirez, secretary I, who began in May.