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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Birthdays

If you have a September birthday and are not included in the list below, your employee information in Colleague is marked for privacy. If you would like to make sure that your name is on the birthday listings, please check with the Human Resources Office to change the status on your Colleague information.

Sept. 1 Timothy Parrish
Sept. 3 Parviz Marzban
Sept. 4 James Page
Sept. 5 James Johnson
Sept. 6 Chancellor Page
Sept. 8 Marion Douglas, Barbara Bourne
Sept. 9 Leslie Densmore
Sept. 10 Ellen Solomon, Andrea Bailey
Sept. 11 Luther McDonald, Miguel Oscar
Sept. 12 John Hutchings, Grant Sisk
Sept. 13 John Hooten
Sept. 14 Kristi Siemens, Michelle Sherrill, Donald Taylor
Sept. 15 Cristie Adams, Philip Metz
Sept. 16 Jan Sickles, George Maxey, Kristina Wood
Sept. 17 Rosalind Lang, John Klingensmith
Sept. 19 Stephanie Sarles, Jeri Evans
Sept. 21 Carmen Clausse, Juliet Wiley
Sept. 22 William Ealy, Rebecca Petrik
Sept. 24 Timmy Cocklin, Everett Lockhart, Shonna Cuffee
Sept. 26 John Clare, Tamara Smallwood
Sept. 27 David Cegelski, William Zang
Sept. 28 Takiyah Evans
Sept. 29 Robert Bostic
Sept. 30 Cynthia Camuel, Gus Herring, Gloria Marshall, Julie , Lisa Johnston, Meador, Phillip Shelp