Brookhaven College

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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 20, 2011

November Birthdays

If you have a November birthday and are not included in the list below, your employee information in Colleague is marked for privacy. If you would like to make sure that your name is on the birthday listings, please check with the Human Resources Office to change the status on your Colleague information.

Nov. 1 Pshawn Archie
Nov. 2 George Giatrakis, Linda Hughes
Nov. 5 Larry McCain, Sherri Morrison
Nov. 6 Marcella Doyle
Nov. 7 Dale Campbell
Nov. 8 Luis Leon, Natalie Macellaio, Gary Jones, Marla Owens
Nov. 9 Christopher Michels
Nov. 10 Barbara Naugher, Pamela Jensen
Nov. 11 Drena Clark
Nov. 12 Sharon Turner, Sheryl Hadeka, Joshua Rose, Christi Carter
Nov. 13 DeMoss Collins
Nov. 14 Christopher Malvik
Nov. 15 Linda Mahony
Nov. 16 Bill Hammerschlag
Nov. 17 Chuck Whisenant
Nov. 19 Rebecca Swann
Nov. 21 Roopa Mukund, Kevin Karcher
Nov. 23 Sylvia Wise, Barbara Fatheree
Nov. 25 Gregory Rains, Charles Moore
Nov. 26 Amber Howell
Nov. 27 Lianne Sullivan, Ann Coder
Nov. 29 Betty Mehling
Nov. 30 Cynthia Camuel, Gus Herring, Gloria Marshall, Julie , Lisa Johnston, Meador, Phillip Shelp