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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 20, 2011

Green Sheet Lives up to its Name

Green Sheet Lives up to its Name

Submitted by Deanie Martin, accountant, accounts receivable supervisor

As another budget year begins, most of us will be filling out paperwork for reimbursement or to satisfy our supply needs. To save trouble down the road and make sure the paperwork is correct, employees have a resource that can make this quick and easy! The driving factor behind the Green Sheet is customer service, which means the Business Office wants you to have information at your fingertips that will make your job easier. We want you to have what you need to accomplish your goals. That’s also the reason that updated or new icons in this online reference tool are colorful alerts that draw your attention to changes and additions.

New ideas and their implementation are important to our campus success and one standout is Brookhaven College’s own Green Sheet. It reads like a Reader’s Digest version of business services guidelines, and its purpose is to keep the campus community informed of budget, purchasing, travel and general information.

Look for the “how to” steps, if you are new to our campus and look for “reminders,” if you are long-time employees, to keep in step with our guidelines and budget-year deadlines.

The Green Sheet is for when you need to find the answer to complete a form or meet a date. We made this desktop tool a user-friendly electronic resource for campus-wide access. This multiple-page printable document is easily accessible from Brookhaven College’s Web page.

The Green Sheet has gone Green!

The Business Office was proud to get an award for this innovation and happy to respond to the “go green” efforts of the Brookhaven College community by eliminating the paper version. No more printed multiple-page brochures or yearly postcard alerts, which means we are contributing to campus cost-cutting efforts.

Check the online Green Sheet for real time changes! Look for those icons that note new information.

Coming soon!

We will continue to add updates, explore options to simplify procedures and add changes that result in better ideas to help you. The Business Office hopes you agree that all of us on campus will further benefit from tools that keep us informed and on track.