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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, October 20, 2011

Places to Go, Artwork to See

Places to Go, Artwork to See

The talent of the Brookhaven College Art Department can be viewed at a few locations across Dallas this month and beyond. Be sure to take a look!

Downtown Omni Hotel

When developers of the new Downtown Omni Hotel needed artwork to fill the empty spaces in and around its conference rooms, they turned to local professional artists, including two from Brookhaven College.

Rick Maxwell, interim dean for the School of the Arts, was hired to create “Wooden Ribbon,” a work in wood, for the new hotel’s collection. The piece is 96 feet long, comprised of two sections of 48 feet, and will be suspended from the ceiling on the second floor, near the hotel’s conference rooms, he said.

Rick said the project was a collaborative effort, requiring the use of a Web master, studio manager, installation crew, lawyers and more – a great lesson for art students.

“Students of art need to understand that when we do things professionally, we work collaboratively,” said Rick. “We don’t often work alone.”

Rick was contacted by art consultants hired through the hotel’s design firm and asked to design the pieces.

Also included in the hotel’s collection is “Garden+Gardener #1,” an oil painting on canvas by Chong Chu, art professor. The unique work of art is 72 inches by 72 inches and will be displayed near Rick’s piece, likely on the second floor, Chong said.

The hotel, which opens Nov. 11, is in the heart of downtown Dallas and is connected to the Dallas Convention Center via a skybridge. According to the hotel's website, the hotel features 39 meeting rooms with the "history and style of Dallas" and showcases the artwork of local artists.

Episcopal School of Dallas

If you don’t plan to stop by the Omni Hotel anytime soon but are interested in viewing local art, don’t miss the latest exhibit at the Episcopal School of Dallas.

The works of 27 Brookhaven College students and eight faculty are on display through Dec. 5 at the school’s Jennifer and John Eagle Art Gallery. Student works were selected by the college faculty members and are part of the show.

Included in the exhibit are works by professors Chong Chu, Lisa Ehrich, Nick Hutchings, Natalie Macellaio, Susan Mollet, David Newman, Don Taylor and Marla Ziegler. Student artists include Francisco Alvarado, Julie Brown, Taylor Bryant, Oscar Chacon, Behshid Dalili, Nicole Dane, Evan Davis, Jourdan Dwinnell, Cuyler Etheredge, Nancy Fellman, Karen Castillo Garbell, Nicolas Gonzalez, Jai Yun Heo, David Hurtado, Fernando Johnson, Kieran Miranda, Deborah Mullen, Carol Charlat Nace, Marjorie Nichols, Andrew Owens, Kenneth Rajspis, Virginia Robertson, Heather Skweres, Kittiya Vongsuntorn, Utopia Weiner and Vivyanne Yi.

Barbara Brault, adjunct art professor at Brookhaven College, teaches full-time at the Episcopal School of Dallas and invited the college to exhibit at the school.

The Episcopal School of Dallas is located at 4344 Colgate Avenue in Dallas.

Forum Gallery

If you feel like staying closer to “home,” you can always take a walk over to the Forum Gallery for the BCSA Art Faculty show. The exhibition will continue to Oct. 27.