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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Question of the Month

January Question of the Month

We asked and you answered. Here’s what everyone had to say.

Flashback! It's the year 1995. Describe yourself in a few sentences. (Think your style, where you were, etc.)

“In January of 1995 I was in Tallahassee, still basking in the glow of the Seminoles Sugar Bowl win over the Gators. In between sports daydreams, I was teaching Intro to British Literature II and writing my dissertation. I also had more hair and more time to prepare it.”

Dr. Thom Chesney, president, Brookhaven College

“I met my husband that summer, though I never would have guessed that was who he was at the time. I was the new front desk manager at the Los Alamos Inn, but I would bartend and help in catering from time to time. But, I was realizing too that hotels were open 24/7 and they would call at any time. “

Meridith Danforth, assistant director, Marketing and Public Information

“1995 - I was in my second year at St. Petersburg Junior College, I had a full head of hair, played basketball every day, lived 2 blocks from the beach and was listening to 2 Live Crew. LOL”

Ahad Hayaud-Din, political science professor

“Layered Look, Veggie Head – I was a ‘brilliant’ 7th Grader. Picture it: Cargo pants, button-down plaid shirt, worn open over a short-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of Polo boots (and no, I was not going hiking). I was a rebel-based vegetarian listening to the likes of Alanis Morissette, and in my ‘infinite wisdom’ MadTV was way cooler than SNL. “

Christopher E. Grice, adjunct faculty, Sociology Department

“95? ..... way back in the 1900s?.... Geeez that feels like yesterday, as does 85 for that matter. Although in 85 I had fur on both my face and head, otherwise the same fashion forward, snappy dresser you observe today.”

Greg Jacobs, professor of sociology, Sociology Department

“I was working for a nonprofit and we used our computers as typewriters – no email, no internet. If you wanted to talk to a co-worker, you had to go to his/her office or call.”

Jean Kaplan, college director of school alliance and community outreach

“I was in the building S mechanical room above the Subway dining area trying to figure out why all of the air conditioning equipment kept banging and banging all day long, still able to post Bill Sigsbee up in the gym and singing with the blues brothers of BHC.”

Vincent Price, assistant director, Facility Services

“I was in my final year of elementary school and thought slap bracelets and pogs were the bee’s knees. I had long brown hair, chunky bangs and loved to dance.”

Jessica Rawlins, marketing and advertising coordinator

“I was a senior in High School. I was just about to graduate and start my first semester of college at Tyler Junior College in Tyler Texas.”

Jillian Round, adjunct faculty, VCOM Business Studies

You may have missed this month’s question, but it’s never too late to participate! Look for an email next month labeled “February Chatter Fun Facts” to get the new question.