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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A “Seuss-ebration” for Emerald Awards

A “Seuss-ebration” for Emerald Awards

The party may not have included “Every Who down in Whoville,” but there was certainly a celebration happening in the Performance Hall Jan. 27 during this year’s Emerald Awards.

The college came together to congratulate colleagues for their achievements with a few Seuss-based stories, though the theme was as well-hidden prior to the event as any secret can be.

Taking on the tongue-twisting tales of Dr. Seuss, colleagues introduced each award winner with a special story extolling the winner’s virtues. Darise Error, theatre professor, modified the classic Seuss rhymes to fit the story of service for each of the award winners.

Dr. Thom Chesney, college president, accepted the role of the Cat in the Hat to lead the event. Two students, dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2, helped Thom take on that persona, comically dressing him in the classic hat and gloves.

Jerry Hill, semi-retired visual communications professor, had his students convert the awardees’ images into classic Seuss characters for display on the projector while the stories were read.

This year’s awardees were all recognized during the ceremony and will also take part in the District awards event Feb. 24.

A “Seuss-ebration” for Emerald Awards


Congratulations to all our awardees and nominees!