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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready, Set, Go Recycle

Ready, Set, Go Recycle

The paper, cardboard, bottles and cans piled in recycling bins across campus aren’t just recyclables. They’re points scored by students and staff.

Brookhaven College is in the midst of RecycleMania, a nationwide competition that aims to boost green practices among colleges and universities. To be on Team Brookhaven, simply place your recyclables in any blue recycling bin on campus between now and March 31.

The Green Team entered the college in the Per Capita Classic category of the competition, which ranks schools based on the total amount of recyclables collected on a per-person basis. Results are calculated by dividing the recycling weight figures by the number of full time students and staff, according to the event website.

Bragging rights and a super cool trophy are at stake, and earning them won’t be easy. Brookhaven College is competing against hundreds of higher education institutions, including District cousins Cedar Valley, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland colleges.

Brookhaven College is currently ranked No. 194 in its category, though rankings are fluid and can change dramatically as participation grows. Keep track of the college’s weekly rank by visiting the competition’s scoreboard.

During the past two years, North Lake College has won the Waste Minimization category, minimizing both waste and recyclables on a per-person basis by an estimated 6.17 lbs in 2010 and 3.07 lbs in 2011.

We can win our category, too. Let’s show everyone how it’s done!