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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May Question of the Month

May Question of the Month

As kids and young adults, we once looked forward to summer's two and a half months of freedom. If you were given a summer break now, as an adult, what would you do with the time off?

-OR- If you are one of the lucky few who actually do have summer off, what are your plans?

If I had a whole summer break, and a good sum of money, I would love to go to Japan. I would spend maybe a month over there. After coming home, I would just relax and go out with friends.
Estefania Barrerra, department assistant I, Marketing and Public Information

I'd love to be a back-up singer in a good ole rock and roll band! I've heard of a rock'n roll camp...WOW, that would be awesome!
Karen Belgard, administrative assistant to the instructional dean, Communications Division

I would embark on a road trip to revisit all of the homes in which I grew up from birth to about age 21, to see and photograph what has become of all the trees I planted at each one. I might even convince one of the current residents to allow me to dig up one of the many time capsules rooted amongst those same trees.
Thom Chesney, president, Brookhaven College

I don't mean to sound like a cliche but cliches are cliches for a reason. I would like to go Hawaiian island hopping. I would start out in Kauai and get some shots of Jurassic Falls. From there, I would hop to Oahu and make the hike to Diamond Head to get a sunset shot of the Waikiki Beach. I would also check out the North Shore of course. My next stop would be Molokai and take the mule ride along the mountain side, viewing the vast Pacific. Since this is my dream vacation, perhaps get some shots of falls or even "double rainbows" in the Halawa Valley and no... I have no idea what that means. Next, would be the Island of Lanai and see Polihua Beach, hike Munro Trail to Puu Pehe or Sweetheart Rock. The next island would be Maui and the number one thing I would like to see there is the sunrise up top Halekala National Park. To end my vacation with a bang, I would like to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It would be nice to get some shots of lava flows into the ocean and witness the creation of new lands. I am sure I have failed to mention some key locations but these spots would come first.
Manuel Estrella, senior information systems manager, Information Technology

I would take a trip or cruise to Sydney, Australia!
Pam Lloyd, administrative assistant, Admissions Office

If I remember correctly, last summer was pretty hot and dry. Bugs I never thought existed came inside the house. The A/C did some work to cool the house, but in the end it was the five fans running 24/7 that made last summer still feel like Earth, not Mercury. So yeah, my dream vacation for this summer would be to chill somewhere cool, where the sun rays don't kill you during Texas traffic on 635 or when you want go outside and BBQ but you are the one getting marinated in your own sweat and slowly start to melt in your own clothes. Somewhere in Seattle. That sounds just about right.
Mauricio Luna, office assistant I, Marketing and Public Information

If I had the entire summer off, I'd buy a Eurail Pass and spend the time traveling around Europe. I'd limit myself to one backpack for luggage and see as many famous sites, cities and countries as possible. I'd stay in hostels to save money, and spend the rest collecting European college tee shirts for my college tee shirt collection.
Anna Masters, adjunct faculty, Communications Division

My dream vacation would be a cruise to a small beautiful island named Dominica ("nicknamed the 'Nature Isle of the Caribbean' for its unspoiled natural beauty"). The two people that I have met from that island have shared how beautiful their homeland is.....and the thought of visiting my namesake is very appealing to me!
Dominica McCarthy, student programs development specialist, Office of Student Life

I'm working this summer, but if I could dream, I'd go back to Italy, especially Florence, visit Michaelangelo's David, marvel at the Duomo, take in the Uffizzi galleries, peek through the palazzo Pitti and its gardens, and watch the sunset on the river Arno from the Ponte Vecchio. If my dream continues, I'll also return to Venice, feed the pigeons in the San Marco Square, ride a gondola through the Grand Canal, visit Doge's palace and walk through the Bridge of Sighs among other things.
Mary Mukhtarian, adjunct faculty, Business Studies Division

If money was no object, I would always spend my summer vacations traveling. The idea of visiting the pyramids in Cairo, seeing the Taj Mahal in person, going on an African safari or just finally taking in the clear blue waves and white beaches of Hawaii I've heard so much about-- would be the ultimate vacation for me. I never tire of culture and want to see as much as I can with the time I'm given.
Madeline Olds, web editor/editor I, Marketing and Public Information

I would undoubtedly spend the entire first week on my couch. I'd sleep in, watch TV and remind myself what bored feels like. The remainder of my vacation would be spent traveling abroad, lounging by the pool, going to the next summer blockbuster and relishing in the joy of diminished responsibilities. Oh, to be a kid again!
Jessica Rawlins, marketing and advertising coordinator, Marketing and Public Information

This summer I am going to Iran with my three children. My parents already reserved the hotel in different cities in Iran so my children can visit various places and also they will enjoy being with their grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. I am so excited to see all of them after many years.
Mersedeh Sefidi, adjunct faculty, Mathematics and Science Division