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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minute by Minute

Minute by Minute

Are all those minutes that hit your inbox turning into hours of reading? Once you click on the email and it changes from bold to plain text, do you ever go back to read the details?

Instead of emailing the minutes to all the committee meetings at the college, post them to a warehouse that stores meeting notes and records: the intranet. Through this online tool, employees can access the information they want, when they have time.

Yes, the college has an internal website that not everyone knows about, but any employee can access it with their login (not your Groupwise login).

Some may remember that long ago the employee newsletter was on the college intranet but was moved to the Internet a few years back. Since then, a few intrepid committees have posted their minutes to the intranet after sending them out by email, but most have stopped keeping this permanent record of activities.

"It cuts down on all those messages in your Inbox," said Dr. Thom Chesney, college president, "and it preserves all that great information in a way that makes and keeps it accessible to employees. And, if in looking at the minutes for a committee that an employee is especially interested in or participates in, he or she also finds another committee that sounds interesting, that person has the chance to go find out a bit more about what is happening in another area of the college."

There is a long history of minutes from Deans’ Meetings and QEP Committee meetings already online we will be linking to the intranet, and we’ll soon be moving the President’s Cabinet, Extended President’s Cabinet and SACS Leadership Committee notes to the intranet as well.

To make sure that everyone still knows what is being posted, we are adding “Minute by Minute” as a regular feature to the Chatter. We will list new minutes that have been posted each month and provide links so you can find them.