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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

City Utilizes College Resources, Staff

City Utilizes College Resources, Staff
Vicki Ethington and Farmers Branch
Police Department detectives David Laisure,
Jim Richardson and Chris Damorus
prepare for the traffic accident investigation simulation.

Brookhaven College is overflowing with dedicated educators—this time, employees from Building S to Building X found a new opportunity to share their experiences with students.

Staff from the Outreach Office, Brookhaven College Police Department, Career Development Center and Emergency Medical Services Department coordinated their efforts to provide hands-on learning experiences for students in two city-organized youth camps.

The camps, organized by the Farmers Branch Recreation Center and led by the Farmers Branch police and fire departments, prepare students ages 13-18 for careers in law enforcement and emergency services.

Suzette Vaquera-Constantine, outreach and recruitment coordinator, led the charge with help from Jordan Cervantes, work study student in outreach, by organizing activities that ranged from career trivia contests to crash scene exercises.

Additional assistance from Daffne Bennett and Greg Rife, outreach and recruitment coordinators, helped make the day possible, said Jean Kaplan, college director, school alliance and institutional outreach.

Students from both camps learned the nuts and bolts of their potential careers as Annette Wilson, director of Career Services, discussed the duties, qualifications, average salaries, and pros and cons of each career, she said. Annette also prepared trivia games specific to each career type, and students played for fun and prizes.

In June, the Farmers Branch Fire Department utilized the college’s facilities and caring staff, bringing 20 students from its Teen Fire Academy.

Campers joined Alex Stadthagen and Joel “Duck” Hawkins, EMS faculty, in Building X for an exercise in loading patients onto a backboard, gurney and scupper, then into an ambulance, according to Suzette's agenda.

The day also included an action-packed demonstration by Vikki Ethington, Brookhaven College police officer, who taught the students how to protect themselves without a gun, said Jean.

Students from the Teen CSI Police Academy also had their chance for hands-on fun when the Farmers Branch Police Department brought them to the college July 13.

Following Annette’s career trivia and discussion, Vikki taught the camp’s 20 students key safety tips. The day then culminated with a traffic accident investigation exercise, where students examined a reproduced accident scene and wrote a report, Vikki said.