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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Monday, Aug. 20, 2012

Business Office Provides Top-Rate Service

Business Office Provides Top-Rate Service

By Carole Sakach, administrative assistant, Business Office

Quality of work can be counted upon when personal satisfaction and dedication are the qualities of your teammates. The Business Office is fortunate to have a group of professionals whose confidence stems from their days and weeks of constant concern for our students and colleagues.

Service has always been a fundamental part of Brookhaven College’s core mission; the Business Office furthers these goals with expanded individual participation and creative thinking. Our front-line cashiers support the financial year-end functions behind the scenes, all the while juggling the demands of their windows.

Our primary service providers are always seeking ways to connect superior service to our campus faculty, administration, staff and student population.

“One meaningful way we have achieved our efforts to adapt and be flexible in meeting changes and innovation is in cross-training members of our team,” says Deanie Martin, acting director of business operations. “Purchasing, accounts payable or receivable can step up to the cashier or front window, and all supervisors fill in wherever needed. Our staff members change their shifts and breaks, and bring lunch to minimize downtime. All study to elevate their level of knowledge to be able to provide guidance and responses.”

We will continue to build on this year’s momentum, ensuring that we engage in the most meaningful way with our campus community. The empowerment and participation of our team members motivates, as it meets our career requirement for personal development among other needs. This emphasis on innovation fosters innovative responses to the challenges of enhancing a collaborative relationship between the Business Office and other campus departments and our students.