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Brookhaven College employee newsletter: Monday, Aug. 20, 2012

Exterior Signage Makeover

Exterior Signage Makeover

New maps and directional signage will soon be sprouting across campus like tulips in springtime.

The Signage Committee is putting the finishing touches on its plan to modify the college’s exterior directional signage, stage one of its year-long brainchild, the “wayfinding” project. Stage two, which includes updates to interior signage, will commence after the completion of stage one, said Sarah Ferguson, executive dean of educational resources and committee co-chair.

Construction will include new six- to eight-foot structures and building markers placed strategically at the college’s entrances, parking lots, walkways and building exteriors. Foundation work is already underway, with an instillation date of mid-September.

While planning the signage, the committee proactively identified problem areas and corrected them for ease of use.

To clearly categorize classrooms in the Building T annex, the committee gave the wing its own name, Building U. Also among the changes is Theater Arts, the new informal name for the area that includes the Performance Hall, lobby and Black Box Theatre, formerly known as the Arena Theatre.

Parking lots also have been renamed. The committee chose numerical order, with numbering beginning on the east side of campus just south of Building W and continuing clockwise around the campus.

The signs will serve two purposes: to effectively guide first-time visitors to the buildings that suit their unique needs and to aid students and staff who are looking for particular rooms and adjacent parking.

Signs at the outer perimeter of campus will consist only of directional arrows to buildings and to the locations of important activities like registration, but as visitors move closer toward the campus, signs will become more detailed. L-shaped pedestrian signs near each parking lot and at the heart of the campus will include directional arrows to buildings and instructional divisions, as well as campus maps and directories.

Each type of sign – entrance, parking lot, pedestrian and building – will include the same font, arrow shape and boxed building letters in order to make signs easily identifiable.

However, functionality didn’t equate to a dull design. In fact, the signs will be as attractive as they are practical.

The design incorporates the college’s two official shades of green, as well as the off-white color of the outdoor digital marquees. The slope at the top of each structure reflects the sloping roofline of the college’s buildings, and the windmill in the lower right corner was pulled straight from the logo.

Once completed, the project will wrap up the work launched by the 2004 bond program. With two new buildings, one renovation and one building expansion completed in the past three years, George Herring, vice president for Business Services, recognized that current signage was outdated and formed the Signage Committee to make updates and improvements.

The Signage Committee has dedicated countless hours and resources to wayfinding, so be sure to thank them for their continuing hard work:

Sarah Ferguson, co-chair
Tommy Gallegos, co-chair
Scott Sires, mapping
Wes Smith, graphic design
Don Welsh, layout and information consistency
Brenda Dalton, consultant
Meridith Danforth, consultant
Gabriel Galvez, consultant
Rick Maxwell, consultant
Oslynn Williams, consultant